Enlarging Your Heart, Run Your Race—Part II

from Sports Illustrated

from Sports Illustrated

Last week, I talked about Secretariat. We know that his championship heart was more than twice the size of a normal heart in a horse. What could you do if your “heart” was enlarged? Who would it include? Click to Tweet

I like the line from the movie “Secretariat” where Penny Chinnery’s father said, “Run your race, and let him (meaning Secretariat) run his.” We each have our own race of life to run. How we run it is up to us. Will we run it to please ourselves, or for the benefit of others? Click to Tweet

That’s the kind of heart I’m talking about, not our literal blood pump enlarging. As a very shy person growing up, my world was small, family, church, school, and a few friends, not many. As I grew older, became an adult, my world enlarged some, new friends at college, work colleagues, etc. When I moved across country, I made new connections at work and church.

from Sports Illustrated

from Sports Illustrated

In the last two years, I have enlarged my connection base both online and in person. I’m allowing God to enlarge my “heart” to be able to help others. I now have past school connections, past and present church connections, a lot of online connections, and an ever-increasing base of face-to-face friends.

I hold a prayer watch at a local house of prayer every Sunday afternoon. I’ve met new people there, both those who serve before and after me, and those who come in during my watch for prayer or encouragement. One young man calls me “Mom” because I think he thinks it’s amazing that an older woman like me is as on-fire for God at my age as he is at his. What he doesn’t know is my whole history is one of always hungering after God and His ways.

My husband and I have always “invited” people who need to connect at the holidays for dinner. When I was single, I was “adopted” by a family to be with for Thanksgiving, so it was normal for us to do the same for quite a while. We’re kind of settling in to meeting with friends in the evenings of holidays. That’s all right with us.

What about you? Who will you enlarge your heart for this holiday season? Click to Tweet Leave a comment and let me know.

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