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Writing Scintillating Scenes––Part VIII

How do you begin your scenes? There are several ways to open a scene. Let’s look at them. The way you open a scene will either draw the reader in or they’ll put your book down. Click to Tweet #amwriting #scintillatingscenes

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Creating Suspense––Part VI

creating-suspenseThe clock is ticking. Will the hero save the girl? How will they escape the villain? We’ve looked at the term “cliff-hanger” –– what it means and its modern origins in the silent film era. But even after sound, cliffhangers kept moviegoers in suspense. They’ll keep your readers turning pages. Click to Tweet #amwriting #creatingsuspense

We’re going to take a few weeks here, but the four kinds of cliffhangers. Let’s look at the first one.

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Creating Suspense––Part V

cary-grant-nnwDamsels in distress, the clock is ticking, someone’s about to go over the edge. The Perils of Pauline, where she would be put in a dangerous situation, especially hanging off a cliff to keep from falling many feet below to her death. Would she escape? The term “cliff-hanger” comes from the silent film era. Click to Tweet #amwriting #creatingsuspense

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