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New Beginnings and Established Blessings––Part II

We’re discussing the new year and how the number “eight” means new beginnings. Not only that, but January 1st is a new beginning to a new year. The number eighteen is sometimes symbolized as established blessings. Click to Tweet #newbeginnings2018 #amwriting #establishedblessings2018

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A Note of Appreciation

My holly bush with snow
My holly bush with snow

I just wanted to tell you all how much I appreciate you reading this blog. I really do. You come from over 30 countries besides the U.S. My statistics tell me you like the posts about writing resources. I will continue that.

Some of you are my friends and you know me. Some of you also like my sharing of writing resources, but some of you also want more articles of faith. I’ll give you those as well.

Because this blog isn’t just about me – it’s about YOU, too. I’ll post twice a week, anytime between Tuesday and Thursday. One post will be on writing and writing resources, the other about matters of faith. For the next few months, while I’m still in bible school – with an internship attached, I’ll be posting twice a week. I’m also involved in another group blog, and we’re writing a story. You can check us out at http://whenreaderswrite.com. Come be part of our story.

Occasionally, I’ll do a book review, and write a short story. I’ll keep you apprised of Meghan’s Choice in the publishing process as well.

So, stay tuned, you never know what I’ll post next. But it always be one of two themes: writing and faith. Thank you again. Have a great day.

Thought for the day: Is Wednesday, “Hump Day” for you – or is one day like another? Leave a comment, and let me know.


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Forgiveness is Key

fountain penLast week, I talked about what happened at a writer’s conference. You can check out my post HERE.

Some of you let me know by comment or email that you think I should “demand” or at least “ask for” an apology from conference organizers. But I’m not going to. Here’s why.

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