New Beginnings and Established Blessings––Part II

We’re discussing the new year and how the number “eight” means new beginnings. Not only that, but January 1st is a new beginning to a new year. The number eighteen is sometimes symbolized as established blessings. Click to Tweet #newbeginnings2018 #amwriting #establishedblessings2018

New Beginnings

We all want a new beginning. Most of us look forward to a new year because we can’t wait to get a “do over” to make up for all the goofs we’ve done the current year. New beginnings fill us with hope. Hope that life will change. Anticipation of good things are coming our way. Confidence with a positive outlook, the old ways or problems will disappear. We don’t know how, but we have that faith that things will turn around. Sometimes, that’s all we have––that hope that things will change. That’s where I was last year. I’ve told you about the disappointments, but they shut doors of opportunity/activity that had been previously either been opened, or those which never did.

Take this new year and make the most of your personal new beginning. Change one little thing you do. Step out in faith in a small way.

Established Blessings

Years ago, I took a biblically-based dream interpretation course, and their perspective on numbers said that eighteen represented established blessings. I like this, because that means that the good things in your life are going to be deepened, entrenched, expanded, and extended this year.

With that in mind, what are the good things that may have only begun in your life, would you like to be established? For me, it’s my extended family (both biological and the ones I grew up with), my writing, and my relationship with Christ. I’m so looking forward to this year.

I thank the Lord for the beginning of this year. What a difference a year makes! Where I had discouragement last year, I have so much encouragement this year. My bruised faith is now strengthened, my heart expanded.

Even though we are a whole week now into the new year, there are still fifty-one weeks in which God can work in our lives this year. How will you invite Him to work in yours? What new beginnings would you like to see in your life this year? What blessings would you like to see established this year? Leave a comment and let me know. Click to Tweet #newbeginnings2018 #amwriting #establishedblessings2018

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