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Freedom’s Fireworks for July—Part V

Nike’s slogan “Just Do It.” But many of us may not know what we are to “do.” Do what? We live in an era of freedom to choose what we “do” with our lives? What job we do and where we work. Where we live. Although some may argue their options in life have been limited, I say, that’s happened to me, too. But I’m free to choose another direction. Another way. #FreedomsFireworks4July #donnalhsmith #IndependenceDayJuly4 #Free2DO

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Freedom’s Fireworks for July—Part IV

The Monkees used to do a song called “I Wanna Be Free.” We all want to be free to be — don’t we? Be what? Just “be.” Free to just “be.” We should want to be free to be who God has called us to “be.” #FreedomsFireworks4July #donnalhsmith #IndependenceDayJuly4 #Free2BE

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Freedom’s Fireworks for July—Part III

As we celebrate freedom this month, I’ve talked about things to be free from something. Now, I want to shift that focus to freedom to. Back in the 60s, the Beatles had many songs about “love.” But that’s not what I’m going to be talking about. Yes, we need love, but we need to be free to love. The Bible says, “Love your neighbor as yourself.” #FreedomsFireworks4July #donnalhsmith #IndependenceDayJuly4 #Free2Love

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Freedom’s Fireworks for July—Part II

Last week we talked about freedom from fear. This week –– freedom from crippling doubts. Synonyms of doubt: hesitation, reservation, uncertainty, misgiving, and mistrust. Doubts can harden our hearts. #FreedomsFireworks4July #donnalhsmith #IndependenceDayJuly4 #DoubtYourDoubts #KerriAdamic

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Freedom’s Fireworks for July—Part I

Tomorrow, we in the United States celebrate our Independence Day. Citizens of the U.S. observe our freedom from England when we declared our independence on July 4, 1776. Firecrackers, fireworks, and sparklers all simulate the war of independence. But physical freedom isn’t all there is. We can have emotional and spiritual freedom, too. Each Tuesday this month, we’ll focus on some aspect of emotional and spiritual freedom. #FreedomsFireworks4July #donnalhsmith #IndependenceDayJuly4

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