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How to Handle Criticism—Part II

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What a difference a week makes. I’m more at peace now than I was just six and seven days ago. And I also noticed I’ve put up other posts from time to time about handling criticism. Last week was very difficult for me. I felt humiliated in some ways, and I had to humble myself in others.

But I learned that how I respond to problems and challenges is the most important thing. Click to Tweet #amwriting #criticism

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How to Handle Criticism

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I hope to bring a fresh perspective to a sensitive subject.

As writers, we’re regularly critiqued, edited, and otherwise told to change our text. It can get downright discouraging if we don’t have the proper attitude toward it. If we have rejection issues (like I do), it can feel personal, when it’s really not. #amwriting #criticism

It’s about our writing, not about us. Click to Tweet

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