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Never Give Up Keep Writing — Part II

trash canJust within the last few months, my cynicism nearly did me in. Even as recent as this summer, I felt ready to throw my first novel’s manuscript into the trash can. But I didn’t. I kept on going. #KeepWriting #NeverGiveUp Click to Tweet

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Surprises for Meghan’s Choice

Meghans ChoiceUntil last week, often I would feel that my novel, “Meghan’s Choice” would never be published. I wanted to give up. Sometimes I still feel that way. After all, with nine rejections (that felt like 90) in one year, it was difficult at times to not feel discouraged. But between March 2014 and May 2015, “Meghan’s Choice” was rejected nine times. Some of them really hurt, cutting like a knife. You can find those posts here on this blog. But I’m learning to get over those hurts as quickly as possible. And I’m wondering if the “rejection” pendulum is beginning to swing the other way. Click To Tweet That would be fabulous! #GodSurprises #NeverGiveUp #amwriting

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Never Give Up

20151018_134545Sometimes I get cynical. Sometimes I think, “what’s the use?” Nothing ever changes — or does it? Last week, I was in for some surprises I believe God sent to encourage me to never give up, because you never know when suddenly, things begin to change. Click to Tweet #NeverGiveUp #GodSurprises

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