Never Give Up

20151018_134545Sometimes I get cynical. Sometimes I think, “what’s the use?” Nothing ever changes — or does it? Last week, I was in for some surprises I believe God sent to encourage me to never give up, because you never know when suddenly, things begin to change. Click to Tweet #NeverGiveUp #GodSurprises

Last week I attended a writer’s retreat in the beautiful Blue Ridge Mountains outside of Asheville, North Carolina. It was a beautiful setting and there were a couple people I knew who were going to be there, and I was excited about seeing them again. I was also looking forward to meeting many new friends.

PrizesAbout three weeks before the retreat, I received an email stating that the submission deadline for the contests had been extended. I hadn’t thought much of entering, which gave certificate prizes for Best Title, Best First Line, Best Opening Paragraph, Best First Page, Best Book Proposal, and the Golden Leaf Award, for the best unpublished complete manuscript. I was busy getting together things for the writer’s conference I’m involved in, the Keystone Christian Fiction Writers Conference for early November. But since the extended deadline was easily within my grasp. Almost on a whim, I entered in three categories: 1) Best Opening Paragraph 2) Best First Page and 3) Golden Leaf Award.

The awards were given out last week during the retreat. I didn’t really expect anything. When I entered, I didn’t invest a lot of hope or emotions, because of prior disappointments (see Please Get Your Facts Straight).

My first clue that I was going to win something was when the director of the conference stumbled over what to do with someone who had “two initials.” I thought, “well, there could be someone else here with two initials.” But it was me! I won 3rd Place in Best Opening Paragraph and 2nd Place in Best First Page. Wow! And the conference organizers let everyone who didn’t win the Golden Leaf Award be Honorable Mention. There were six of us.

The point is: Never Give Up! There are surprises in store for you if you have the patience to wait for them. #NeverGiveUp #GodSurprises Click To Tweet What about you? Have you tempted to give up on something? Leave a comment and let me know.

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