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The Waiting Game – how to play it


I hate to wait. Don’t we all. But I’m in The Waiting Game now, and for at least a week or so, I will discipline myself to find something to do besides thinking about whether or not I’ll get an agent or an editor.

Since I don’t like waiting, I’ve decided not to sit around and think about it, but to do something creative. Yesterday, I opened a Create Space account on Amazon, where I plan to self-publish novellas and short stories.

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Process – How to Handle Criticism

fountain penYou did it! You wrote your story, your novel, or your article. It’s your baby. It feels like one, because it’s a creative venture. Especially in the area of fiction, we writers become anxious, nervous, and worried about what future editors and readers will think, don’t we? We gather up our courage and send it off to a contest, critique group or partner, like I did this spring.

My scores came back from three judges in my genre. I was nowhere near making any kind of cut. Out of a possible 100 each, only two out of three scores were even above fifty percent. The one score below was the toughest to take. The judge said they had a hard time finding anything positive to say about my entry.

Gee whiz! And I’ve already spent well over a year writing, editing, having it professionally edited by a published author. The first chapter had been changed several times and the first page alone had been edited twice by the best my writing school had to offer. Was it that bad?

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Spiritual Growth

Another Process has begun for me


I was recently in Israel on a tour. It was great except for breaking my wrist the day after I got there. People told me they thought I was a trooper, continuing on the tour for most of the activities. I tried to be. It wasn’t always easy, and the next few months is a healing process for the wrist. It’s not my signature hand, thank the Lord, but I am typing one-handed. I expect to learn more patience and perseverance through this humbling experience. I’ve always been pretty self-sufficient, but my husband and others have been taking good care of me.

Actually, some good has already come out of this. More later. Have a great Monday, and pray I heal quick. Nothing more frustrating to a writer who can type fast to have to type one-handed. But I’m doing it.

Spiritual Growth

Patience is hard


We’ve been in a l -o-n-g winter. So many people I know have complained and griped about how LONG this winter is. I’ve not complained, but I understand their frustration. We live in a society that wants everything instant. Some people we know did lose power for a week or so in our region during the height of it. We’ve come to depend on our electricity for powering everything.

But “instant” is not usually what we get. I’ve been tempted to remind those I know who are complaining about the long winter – to remember Valley Forge. Now THAT was a long winter. Our Revolutionary War soldiers fought to stay alive without enough provisions such as firewood, foods, and even clothing and shoes. Many died, but those who persevered went on to win us a country and a way of life we so take for granted.

When I think of their sacrifices, I can’t complain. This is a great country. I’ve heard it said, “Don’t just curse the darkness, light a candle.” This is my candle.

As a writer, writing about my journey, this is how I’m thinking today. What about you? How are you thinking today? Is Spring beginning to come where you are?


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A novel choice – a novel process


Meghan’s Choice is the novel I’m working on. Most people don’t understand that writing a novel and getting a book published is long process, one that most don’t have the patience for.

I don’t know if God’s “days” were 24 hours or 24,000 years. But God is interested in process. We’re interested in circumventing or shortcutting process.

Did God hurry His process to create the world, or these roses? I think not. So, let’s not be in a hurry. Enjoy the journey. Easier said than done, I know. I really do.