Patience is hard


We’ve been in a l -o-n-g winter. So many people I know have complained and griped about how LONG this winter is. I’ve not complained, but I understand their frustration. We live in a society that wants everything instant. Some people we know did lose power for a week or so in our region during the height of it. We’ve come to depend on our electricity for powering everything.

But “instant” is not usually what we get. I’ve been tempted to remind those I know who are complaining about the long winter – to remember Valley Forge. Now THAT was a long winter. Our Revolutionary War soldiers fought to stay alive without enough provisions such as firewood, foods, and even clothing and shoes. Many died, but those who persevered went on to win us a country and a way of life we so take for granted.

When I think of their sacrifices, I can’t complain. This is a great country. I’ve heard it said, “Don’t just curse the darkness, light a candle.” This is my candle.

As a writer, writing about my journey, this is how I’m thinking today. What about you? How are you thinking today? Is Spring beginning to come where you are?


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