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March Winds — Part I

The month of March started out here in our area with a Nor’Easter. We didn’t get snow, just a little rain. But we also got a lot of wind. #windsofchange #marchforward

Spring is on it’s way, but until it gets here, it’s still cold. However, about two and three weeks ago, we had two days in a row each week that were wonderful spring days. I walked our Rail Trail, and at least one of those days, when it reached nearly 80 degrees (!), I wore crop pants. I love those kinds of days…as I sit here in sweat pants and a flannel jacket. Continue reading “March Winds — Part I”

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Spring is Finally on the Way

March 5, 2015
March 5, 2015

Although I wouldn’t have known it last Thursday, when seven inches of snow fell. Dozens of robins rode out the snowstorm on our front porch, in our magnolia tree, our garden, and as we discovered yesterday, in front of our garage doors.

Now, we’re having a great meltdown of the snow as our temperatures the last few days are in the 30s and 40s, almost reaching 50 degrees. Wow. I went outside last night and this morning with just a light jacket on instead of an overcoat.

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Spring Always Comes


We’ve had an incredibly long and hard winter. When March came, we were sure spring was just around the corner. When it was delayed by more cold temperatures, we wondered if spring would ever come. In this part of Pennsylvania, sometimes it seems we go almost directly from winter to summer, without much of a spring. But my daffodils never lie. They bloom every spring. They haven’t missed one.

When you’re tempted to give up, give in, or walk away from your troubles because it’s hard – just remember – breakthrough IS coming. I’m preaching to myself here. Nearly four weeks ago, I broke my wrist. I’ve had to choose a hard thing – for me – because I ultimately knew surgery would help me recover faster. Twelve days after surgery, my splint was taken off, and I’m wearing a brace.

Believe me, I need this encouragement as much as anyone. Typing one-handed takes a lot longer. But yesterday, the splint/new cast (not much plaster done in U.S. anymore) was replaced by a brace. When I’m tempted, and it’s almost a daily thing, to rant and rave in frustration, I’m choosing to tell myself that Spring IS here. Because I know that summer is on the way. And when summer comes, my wrist should about be back to normal.

Have a great week – and know that Spring Always Comes.

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Patience is hard


We’ve been in a l -o-n-g winter. So many people I know have complained and griped about how LONG this winter is. I’ve not complained, but I understand their frustration. We live in a society that wants everything instant. Some people we know did lose power for a week or so in our region during the height of it. We’ve come to depend on our electricity for powering everything.

But “instant” is not usually what we get. I’ve been tempted to remind those I know who are complaining about the long winter – to remember Valley Forge. Now THAT was a long winter. Our Revolutionary War soldiers fought to stay alive without enough provisions such as firewood, foods, and even clothing and shoes. Many died, but those who persevered went on to win us a country and a way of life we so take for granted.

When I think of their sacrifices, I can’t complain. This is a great country. I’ve heard it said, “Don’t just curse the darkness, light a candle.” This is my candle.

As a writer, writing about my journey, this is how I’m thinking today. What about you? How are you thinking today? Is Spring beginning to come where you are?