M * A * S * H

Image Donna Smith mug shot

I don’t have a picture of MASH’s cast, but I do have a picture of me about that time. My hair was a dark copper red. As you can see, it’s not anymore. 🙂

Instead of a final, our professor asked us to write a script for an existing half-hour series. I chose MASH. I’d watched that show for quite while at that point. It was a favorite of my uncle Dwight’s. I had the characters down pat. The dialogue sparkled. I got an A++ for the first time in my life.

Looking back, it was an encouragement to me. I wish I could have been a Hollywood scriptwriter. But that didn’t work out. The question that became my life’s question was and is:

What else can I do? Meaning I find another way… What about you? What dreams have died? What new dreams are you dreaming?

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