Process Is Sometimes Circular

in Manitou Springs, Colorado

in Manitou Springs, Colorado

I’m using this picture again, because it conveys visually what I’m thinking about today. Have you ever noticed that life goes in cycles? I’m sure you have. One process ends, another starts.

I’ve had two endings so far this year, with one start I’ve begun, and another start in the fall. My first ending was my chocolate business, after seven years. But I learned a lot in that process. I learned that the tempering process was similar, as I’ve said before, to life refining process. What I haven’t talked about is the result. Tempered chocolate has gloss and snap. But it has to be tempered in order for that to happen. More on that another day.

My first beginning is a two-hour time of prayer in a converted barn. Just little ole me right now. My husband joins me sometimes. But an ending, and a beginning.

The second ending was my writing course – Christian Writer’s Guild’s Craftsman course. I loved it, and miss it already. But I take with me what I learned. I’ve drafted a novel, and it’s been professionally edited with two pass overs. Now, it’s up to me to re-write it again (not every word, just the second set of suggestions, etc.).

Tempered Chocolate Truffles

Tempered Chocolate Truffles

Another ending I had two weeks ago – physical therapy. For 12 weeks, then It ended. I probably have about 75% of my mobility in my wrist back. Strength continues to gain, and I just noticed that an atrophied muscle is beginning to regain strength and it doesn’t look like I have a shrunken hand – quite as much.

My second beginning will start in the fall, when I take courses at my local church. Why I’m doing that at my age, I don’t know. I just know that even though many people my age start slowing down, I’m not ready to do that. I’m a lifelong learner, and I’ve always got to be learning something!

So…process…one ends, another begins. Life is interesting. You never know sometimes, where it will take you. This whole year has been a surprise for me.

What cycles have you seen in your life this year? Leave a comment and let me know.

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