Trust the Peace

Sea of Galilee

Sea of Galilee

There’s just something peaceful about a body of water. This is my background photo – the Sea of Galilee at the dawn of a new day.

I’ve had some tumult this year, both bad and good. You’ve heard about the ‘bad’ – the broken wrist, the l-o-n-g rehab. It’s all part of the process.

Now – life gets busy.


The next stage of my novel process is finding an agent or a publisher. To that end, I’m attending the American Christian Fiction Writers annual conference in St. Louis this weekend. I leave Wednesday.

In the flurry of getting everything ready to go, I try to find time to just sit. Just sit on my back porch, or sit in my local house of prayer. And peace comes. When I broke my wrist, I had two options – surgery or a cast.  Since I’d never had surgery before, I opted for the cast. This was after I’d gotten home from Israel. I had a cast on in Israel. I’ve posted before and after pictures – before the break and after. I broke my wrist the second day I was there.

The photo I cherish most

The photo I cherish most – from the Mount of Olives

The day I went to get my cast, I sat in the orthopedic surgeon’s office waiting for nearly an hour. I prayed I was doing the right thing – but my spirit did not give me peace. I asked the surgeon more questions, how big the scar, what were his concerns, etc. As soon as I made the decision to have the surgery, I had peace. I didn’t like the thought of having surgery, and I admit I was a bit nervous that day. They can tell you my blood pressure was a bit high that day. Normally it’s a bit low.

Here’s what I wrote in my journal just hours before surgery.

When we don’t know why….

trust the peace.

When we don’t know what

trust the peace.

When we don’t know where

pause – and trust – the peace.

Here’s how I spent most of my time in Israel – with a cast on. Trust the peace in your heart. It will guide you. Right now, I’m fairly peaceful about this week. But when I leave on Wednesday, I’m sure I’ll be excited. Have a great week. And – trust the peace.

It's busted.

It’s busted, but I still enjoyed The Mediterranean Sea.


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