My Next Step – Part 2



I’m moving on. Meghan’s Choice is in the hands of two publishers and is entered into two contests. I have been advised to let her go for awhile and move on. What are my options? Let’s look at them.

I could start the sequel, Rose’s Redemption. But I really feel like that’s putting the cart before the horse. I hadn’t intended to start that book until Meghan’s Choice was in publishing queue. I still feel that way. I have plotted it out, the way I plot – bullet points of what I want to happen. Not exactly an outline.

If you look at Sandra Orchard’s comment from the Let’s Face It post – she gave me some good advice. Thank you Sandra. I’m moving on to other stories. I started revising a Zorro story a couple weeks ago, but I’m thinking now, I’ll just take the original premise and start from scratch. Sounds good to me.

Also, if possible, please vote in my poll about you’d like to see here. I have many things I could say here.

And…I’ve got other stories and other projects up my sleeve that maybe now I should work on. That is – when I have time. I’m in a night school for spiritual development (ministry training), and I’ll be starting an internship connected with that next week.

My posts may not be long, but I’ll at least post a nugget. Here’s today’s.

If you let go of hope, you let go of God. You never know when He might change something either in you or in your circumstances. Don’t let go of hope. I’m not.

Thank you for reading this blog about my writing journey. It’s a personal journey I’m on that I hope will encourage, uplift and inspire you as well.

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