The Day After Christmas

Gift WagonWhat will you be doing today? Exchanging gifts, hitting the After-Christmas sales, seeing extended family, going back to work? Is the “day after” Christmas a time to get things back to normal? Was Christmas Day just another day for you?

I’m not sure what I’m doing today yet. I definitely will not be doing the After-Christmas sales. My husband will be going back to work. I have no gifts to exchange or take back to a store, so I don’t know. Maybe I’ll do some reading. Maybe I’ll watch a movie or listen to a CD. Maybe I’ll get in touch a few friends and ask how their Christmas Day went.

Chances are though, that I’ll be looking forward to next year. It’s only six days away. Amazing to think of it. This year has gone so quickly, although if you’d have asked me last spring, I would have said it was going very slowly. Because of my broken wrist, I could do nothing. I’m typing two-handed right now, and have been for about six months. Whew, does that make me feel better! There’s only a scar and a bit of immobility left to remind me it happened. Oh, except for all the pictures my husband took while we were in Israel with my arm in a cast and sling. I had to learn to persevere. I’ll be talking about that next week as well. I’ve talked about it some before, if you look at my past posts from April and May.

I guess I’m looking back a bit today in preparation to look forward. I’ll be doing more looking back at the year next week. What will you be doing? Do you have great party plans for the New Year? This blog is about my writing journey, and sharing my writing resources with you, which you seem to like.

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    It’s a few days after Christmas this time. But I wanted to update you. My wrist finally totally healed back in April, Easter Sunday, no less! This year has been quite amazing. I’m still not a commercialist when it comes to Christmas. My husband and I spent much of the day with friends. I have said before, but he and I are it for family in this area, but we have friends, and as George Bailey was told in “It’s a Wonderful Life” – “no man is a failure when he has friends.” I think that’s good to know. I may post another year-end review should WordPress send me one. And Wednesday, I’ll post a new writing resource post. Have a blessed day.


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