MY version of The Year in Review

DSC00876This blog only began in February – it’s not even a year old. I started it about the same time the other blog I contribute to also began – When Readers Write. Here’s the link: It’s getting an overhaul and will be fiction central, if you love to read fiction.

At the commencement of this year, I was still a chocolatier, producing, packaging, and shipping organic chocolate truffles across the country, especially for Valentine’s Day. I made the decision in January to close that business, to concentrate more on my writing, and being intentional about it.

I felt urgency about several things after I closed the business and started this blog. I felt an urgency to get as much done on novel revisions, my writing Craftsman class, and the contest I was entering the novel in early March. I’m glad I heeded that urgent warning.

Kirby, Shimone, and Me at Yardenit, just after baptism in Jordan River

Kirby, Shimone, and Me at Yardenit, just after baptism in Jordan River

You know what happened next. On March 20, while in Israel, I fell and broke my wrist. I haven’t talked a lot about all the feelings I had. Although I try to put a positive spin on how I’m feeling, there’s much I haven’t said. The truth is, I’d get so angry with the time I could do nothing, because I could do nothing. I lost all, (I’m not kidding) use of my left hand. I began to wonder if I was even a woman of faith anymore. I didn’t feel I was acting like one. But I found that I am, and always will be.

The key: quick repentance. Repentance just means changing your mind. For me, that meant I asked forgiveness from God, and my husband (poor man, he heard some of my ranting), then repeating my “mantra.” I will follow the Lord, no matter what. Since I began saying that in 2005 after my mother died, I’ve had to say it quite often, always following personal trials and tribulations.

Despite having a broken wrist, I had a great time in Israel. I would go back in a heartbeat.

What I’d like to see in 2015 for me – and for you, my precious readers – is even in the good times, I say, “I will follow the Lord no matter what.”

I have been very thankful to all the new connections I’ve made this year, AND the strengthening of older friendships. God is good, and it’s how we respond that determines our future. Sometime, I’ll tell you the story of how I know it.

The time with my wrist was very difficult. Hard to be in a foreign country when it happened. Hard to get through each day, when I’d poop out at 2:00 p.m. and we toured until early evening. Hard work had to be done to get my hand and wrist fairly strong again. I didn’t take a picture of my hand with the atrophied muscle, but I’ll never forget what it looked like. It took several months of squeezing exercises to reconstitute the muscle to where it is. I still work on it occasionally.

St. Louis Arch

St. Louis Arch

There’s been good this year, too. My husband and friends gave me a birthday party I’ll never forget. I made so many new friends in St. Louis at a writer’s conference. I continue to make friends through that organization, as area coordinator for Pennsylvania.

And, I started a watch at our local House of Prayer. That’s probably the best thing I’ve done all year. Two hours a week, I sit in God’s presence and meditate on his word. He speaks, and I write it in my prayer journal. It’s something I can refer to later. I’m also taking spiritual development classes through my church and their parent organization. That’s really wonderful, too.

I finished my novel revisions this year and you’ve read what’s happened there. Next week, I hope to hear from another contest whether or not I made their semi-finals. And in mid-January, I’ll hear about the other contest.

But I’m happy. The first part of my year was trying, but I appreciate the good that much more.

How about you? What was difficult for you this year, what was good? Leave me a comment and let me know. And thank you for reading.

2 Comments on “MY version of The Year in Review”

  1. As you know, Donna, the most difficult thing for me this year was all of the complications my mom went through after her open heart surgery and making myself available to be of help through it all in addition to home educating two of my three children (one has already graduated), and trying to find time to write.
    The good this year came from being a member of LCW and making connections with other writers, both those who have already found a level of success, and those, like me, who are still looking for some success. I look forward to making time to write more in 2015.


    • I’m glad to connect with you Kelly. And you know, honoring your mother will extend your life. The Bible says, “Honor your father and mother so that it will go well with you.” With YOU. Wow! I know, helped take care of my Mom for her last six years. It was a blessing. And I’m like you, still looking for my first book contract. We’re in this together – encourage each other and know each other better.


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