A Season and a Time for Everything

inkwellThe Birds used verses from Ecclesiastes 3 to say “To everything, turn, turn, turn. There is a season, turn, turn, turn.” It’s not even a year old yet. But it might be undergoing a bit of a change again.

In November, I challenged myself to post three times a week. It’s been getting a bit more difficult to do that. I hope you don’t mind. But I’m probably only going to post once or at most, twice a week.

What would you like to see here? I’ve been sharing my writing resources. Do you like that? Leave a comment and let me know. OR see the poll below. It’s the same one I had before.

I know some of you from other countries look at this blog regularly. I’m asking you to post a comment. Do you like what you see – or would you like to see something different?

Post a comment and let me know. I will reply. And thank you for reading. I have also included a poll for those who like to vote.

Thank you for your support. We had our best day ever – yesterday.


2 Comments on “A Season and a Time for Everything”

  1. Donna, I like your blog best when you share both stuff on the writing processes and your life processes. I am always happy to be able to encourage and learn from a fellow writer both about writing and about life.


  2. Thanks Kelly. I will be doing that. I put that as my most recent post, except over the weekend I’m going to be posting a couple of blog awards I got. I plan to nominate you for these as well. Watch for them. 🙂


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