Creating Extraordinary Characters –– Part IV



If you’re writing about corporate culture or your main characters are partners or close colleagues in their jobs, the DISC personality profiles might help you define your characters. Because characters with conflicting personalities make the best story. Click to Tweet #amwriting #characters

The “D” in DISC stands for “Dominance.” People with high “D” personalities want to shape their environment by overcoming opposition to accomplish results.

They are strong-willed, demanding, forceful, motivated by winning and therefore highly competitive, impatient, self-confident, skeptical, and could be perceived as non-caring, or express lack of compassion. Dominant people will accept the challenge as something to be conquered.

“D” people’s goals are unique accomplishments, new opportunities, control of audience, and independence. Their challenges are to show patience, display sensitivity, get into the details, and allow deliberation, or discussion.

agony and ecstacyWhen communicating with the D style individuals, give them the bottom line, be brief, focus your discussion narrowly, avoid making generalizations, refrain from repeating yourself, and focus on solutions rather than problems.

What types of characters can you think of who might score a high “D” or dominance factor? I think of Alan Quartermain of “King Solomon’ Mines.” Or how about Genghis Khan––or any dictatorial character? Messala of Ben-Hur.

Hmmm, let’s rethink. Think temperamental movie stars, because “Ds” can be highly creative, or Michaelangelo in The Agony and the Ecstacy. If two “Ds” butted heads, you might just have the pope and Michaelangelo.

And yet, a high “D” personality type can be very inspirational. I wonder if Joan of Arc was like that. Something to think about.

How would you craft a “Dominant” or bossy personality? What traits could you put in to make them likeable? Would they be more like Joan of Arc or Genghis Khan? Click to Tweet #amwriting #characters Leave a comment and let me know.

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