Creating Extraordinary Characters –– Part V

Harmon Rabb, Jr.

Harmon Rabb, Jr.

In this series, we’re looking at personalities, how to develop them, and where to look for more information about personality types. As part of this, we’re looking at DISC, a tool used to help personnel in corporations work together better. Are you an Influencer, like the “I” in DISC? Click to Tweet #amwriting #characters

The “I” in DISC stands for “Influence.” People with high “I” personalities want to shape their environment by persuasion or by influencing others.

A person with an I style may be limited by being impulsive and disorganized and having lack of follow-through. They can be described as convincing, magnetic, enthusiastic, warm, trusting and optimistic. They prioritize, taking action, collaboration, and expressing enthusiasm. They are motivated by social recognition, group activities, and relationships.

High “I” personalities may fear loss of influence, disapproval and being ignored. But, they value coaching and counseling, freedom of expression, and democratic relationships.

The goals of a person with a high “I” are: victory with flair, friendship and happiness, authority and prestige status symbols, and popularity.

Some things high “I” people need to work on include: attention to details, researching all the facts, speak directly and candidly, and staying focused.

When communicating with the “I” style individual, share your experiences, allow the “I” person time to ask questions and talk themselves, focus on the positives, avoid overloading them with details, and don’t interrupt.

What characters can you think of that are this way? Or real people?

I think Harmon Rabb, Jr., from JAG would probably been accused of being a high “I.” He was definitely impulsive, having been told by Mac several times that he ruled by his emotions. He was flamboyant, magnetic, warm, and a persuader. I think that could be consistent with a high “I”. What do you think? Is Rabb a high “I?”

Abraham LincolnFor a real person, I think of Will Rogers or Abraham Lincoln. Although he didn’t start out “popular,” Lincoln was definitely a persuader, becoming president during one of the most difficult time periods in our nation’s history. Rogers was a sort of folk-philosopher and humorist. Maybe he was also a high “I”.

What do you think? Leave a comment and let me know. A high “I” wants to make love, not war, but will persuade you that love is the answer. Click to Tweet #amwriting #characters

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