Good News for “Meghan’s Choice”

Meghans Choice

train ovalI’m excited to announce that later this year, my novel, “Meghan’s Choice” will finally be published. Through the literary agency I signed with, I will be self-publishing Meghan’s Choice. Stay tuned here for more information.

It’s been a l-o-n-g struggle. I got the idea for the novel five years ago. I wrote the first draft in 2013. It’s been through many revisions and edits since, but the story and the characters are as they are described on our page. You can link that here.

There comes a time when you have to change what is not working. Trying to get the novel published traditionally wasn’t happening. Thanks to the literary agency I signed with in November of 2015, I can self-publish my novel with their help, so I don’t have to do it all myself.

It will be a high quality publication. And I’m thrilled. What made this nice is that I got the news when I had the flu a couple weeks ago. Even though I couldn’t jump up and down, dance around on the outside, I got on my internal knees, (because after Israel and a couple falls since, I can’t get on my knees physically), and thanked the Lord.

Especially after a string of different disappointments last fall, which started in August, this news means so very much to me. Because when you’re going through a difficult season, you begin to wonder if what you’re doing is the right thing, and if God even listening.

Yes, He is listening. And even though it didn’t seem like the right thing, it turned out to be.

I had decided not to write fiction anymore, since I couldn’t win a contest or get a publishing contract, I thought, maybe I’ll just concentrate on my rejection issues and bring further understanding about that, and continue this blog.

But God is in control of my life. I have surrendered to Him. And this is my faith’s reward.


5 Comments on “Good News for “Meghan’s Choice””

  1. Shouldn’t your literary agent be trying to sell your book instead of self-publishing it? I have a literary agent, and I always thought the whole point of literary representation is to get into traditional publishing. I’m just curious! Lots of luck!


    • Traditional publishing would be the goal. How long will you wait? Traditional publishers take very few new authors. I gave my agent over a year then asked him about this program. He worked hard and submitted to maybe 8 or 9 places that publish my genre. They all turned me down. For this program, i had to get approved by the head of the agency. But I did and I’m moving forward. I’m older and I can’t afford to wait several more years to see if I could get published traditionally. I’ve often heard from traditional publishers that if a self-published book sells well, the author may get a contract for future books. I know a couple people that’s happened to.


  2. That’s what I’m hearing Donna … try traditional first, but most debut novels are self-published. Lots of luck … can’t wait to read it!!!


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