Revelations and Friendships

I have a friend, who recently told me some things about her origins. She had only recently learned them about herself. They were hard things to deal with, but I tried to encourage her. She’s adopted, like me, and has had a lot of the same issues that I’ve had…like rejection, a bad temper, etc. Do what you can. It’s all you can do. Help someone today. Click to Tweet #friendships #revelations

But she has a lot of love to give. We have similar talents, too, but neither of us has really been given a chance to shine our light very far. Both she and I have always tried to do what we can wherever we are, however we could be of benefit. We’ve tried to use our “gifts” in the best way we knew how. She and I still do. Whomever God puts in our path, we try to encourage and help. We encourage each other, too. It’s the best we can do.

We’re almost the same age, too, but we’re not satisfied with our lives. There is so much we want for ourselves, and we should have been able to procure a lot of opportunities and positions for ourselves. But, we haven’t. We’ve never been able to understand that.

Doors have not opened for us. Sometimes, we would get to knock on that door, and it would pretend to open, but when push came to shove, it would close in our faces. Maybe it wouldn’t “slam,” so to speak, but it was definitely a closure. The older we become, the harder it gets to even want to knock. We both hear stories of people who have huge doors opened to them, their influence expanded in a great way. That never happens to us.

We’re not satisfied with our small venues. Both of us have felt for many years that we were created for more, but “more” has never happened. Now, we’re both considered “old age.” Or at the very minimum, “older middle age.” We’re nearing retirement age, but we can’t bring ourselves to do it.

We know that the Bible says, “if you’re faithful with small things, you’ll be given more.” We’re very familiar with that passage. And we’ve tried to be faithful in our small worlds. Maybe our “more” will be in heaven, because it certainly isn’t happening here.

in Manitou Springs, Colorado

My friend told me recently that what she thought about her conception and birth were wrong. She had recently learned that she was conceived in the worst possible circumstances. We hugged and cried together. She tried to look on the bright side, and has even reached out to tell her story to her closest friends, of which I consider myself. Her friends are truly jewels, and none have judged her. They have said it makes no difference.

I will always be her friend, and she will always be mine. It never occurred to me that even though she feels different, somehow, with this revelation, I believe she’s still the same person she always was and is.

Her birth mother was raped. It happens a lot, but back in our day, it was even more of a stigma. The poor young women whom this happened to, usually moved away, gave birth, then moved home. And tried to get on with their lives.

But think about this. We’re in our sixties, and she just found this out. What do you do with it? I’m writing on behalf of her, because she’s at a loss. It hasn’t destroyed her. It’s just been kind of a shock, that’s all. What can she do with this at her age? We live in a youth-oriented culture. People our age have already been relegated to retirement, even though that is the furthest thing from our minds. So, we will continue on our path. Whether or not anything becomes of our lives, well, that is in God’s hands, not ours. Someday, I’ll have a book come out. Don’t know when that will be. I have a contract, but I haven’t heard anything since. I’d love to write about my friend. Maybe I will someday.

The point of all this is to love on each other. No matter what ugliness the world throws our way, we respond with love and acceptance. Click to Tweet She and I are connected in a very close way. We are inseparable. #friendships #revelations

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