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Keeping the Middle Moving––Part V

Fear is a great tool to provide inner conflict for characters. Keeping the middle of your story moving requires all kinds of different ways to spur conflict. But not all conflict is external. The characters should go through inner turmoil. Though we should not live in fear, our characters should. Click to Tweet #keepmiddlemoving #amwriting

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Revelations and Friendships

I have a friend, who recently told me some things about her origins. She had only recently learned them about herself. They were hard things to deal with, but I tried to encourage her. She’s adopted, like me, and has had a lot of the same issues that I’ve had…like rejection, a bad temper, etc. Do what you can. It’s all you can do. Help someone today. Click to Tweet #friendships #revelations

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We Interrupt This Series… Part II

A few weeks ago, I just had to share the news about finding my ethnicity, and confirming who my birth mother was. I also mentioned that a sister had reached out to me on this blog by leaving a comment, with hopes we could connect soon. Finding openness with new biological family members is healing. Click to Tweet #APD #sisters #family

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Writing Scintillating Scenes––Part II

Last week, we learned that a scene is and has––action. Action is what happens. Every scene should have an impactful event that occurs during it. As the story progresses, each scene adds its contribution to the overall tale, to make an event. Scene events don’t always need to be spectacular, but must be meaningful and interesting, moving the story along. Click to Tweet #amwriting #scintillatingscenes Continue reading “Writing Scintillating Scenes––Part II”

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How to Handle Criticism—Part II

via Flickr
via Flickr

What a difference a week makes. I’m more at peace now than I was just six and seven days ago. And I also noticed I’ve put up other posts from time to time about handling criticism. Last week was very difficult for me. I felt humiliated in some ways, and I had to humble myself in others.

But I learned that how I respond to problems and challenges is the most important thing. Click to Tweet #amwriting #criticism

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Rejection Issues–Symptoms Part III

the roofOn this website you can find the classic symptoms of rejection, or what is clinically known as Avoidant Personality Disorder. You can check those out here. Today, I’m going to be talking about three symptoms of APD, rejection syndrome, root of rejection. Continue reading “Rejection Issues–Symptoms Part III”

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Writing Emotional Pain—Part II

Sad girlI’m reposting this, (with some editing) because it’s been nearly a year. I really did try to not “bleed” on you, but I did, didn’t I? Well, here’s the update. Yes, “Meghan’s Choice” has been rejected nine times within about a year and a half (four publishers, three contests, and two agents). I’ve healed from all of the rejections, but it’s very disappointing. Rejection is disappointing and it hurts, but you can be healed from it like I am. Click to Tweet #amwriting #rejection #emotion

“Please reject.” The email was from a complete stranger. I almost didn’t open it because I thought it was junk mail.

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Please – Get Your Facts Straight – REBLOG

tear of grief

REBLOGGING this painful episode from January. Just want you all to know, I have totally healed from it. It was upsetting at the time, but you forgive, heal, and move on.

I’m actually at another writer’s conference this week. So, I’m not generating new material.


“All the winners are present. And there may be some here who didn’t win, but came very, very close.” I was at a writer’s conference over the weekend where an announcement was made. I’ve talked about it before, but I hate to use the real names, but many of you will know who I’m talking about, and what contest it was.

There were three publishing prizes given out, and three of us were there. But the announcer was wrong, as I was to learn just a minute later. As it happened, two winners were present, and I was the “close” one. But that first statement made me think I’d actually won something, only to have it dashed moments later.

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Writer’s Resource – the Emotion Thesaurus

Emotion Thesaurus
Emotion Thesaurus

I recently purchased The Emotional Thesaurus through Amazon. I haven’t explored it thoroughly, but from what I’ve seen, it’s going to be very helpful.

How do you write anger, joy, desperation, despair, or denial? Let’s look first at how the book is laid out. The emotion is at the top of a two-page spread. A definition is given, followed by a LOT of physical signals, in other words, describing what a person does who feels this emotion.

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