We Interrupt This Series… Part II

A few weeks ago, I just had to share the news about finding my ethnicity, and confirming who my birth mother was. I also mentioned that a sister had reached out to me on this blog by leaving a comment, with hopes we could connect soon. Finding openness with new biological family members is healing. Click to Tweet #APD #sisters #family

My sister Summer and I talked on the phone the first time for a little over two hours. We had an almost instant connection. After a few moments of hesitation on both our parts, it’s like our arms parted, and we entered into an embrace. Oh my. What can I say about that?

Well, I have another sister, named Shannon. And I talked to her for the first time last week for forty minutes. I heard about her life and what is going with her. Summer calls her “our baby sister.” Another amazing event for me. Having grown up as a “baby sister” to now be the “oldest” completes the circle of life. When I first read about “birth order,” I felt divided, as both the oldest and the youngest.

I’m just so thankful they welcomed me into their lives. And I should also mention, two aunts and several more cousins are openhearted toward me.

This year, is a lot about family for me. My “traditional” family, and my “new biological” family. I’m going to visit my Aunt Donna, who turns 95 this summer. I haven’t seen her in fifteen years. Later this year, I plan to visit both my “traditional” brother (we were both adopted) in California, and my “new biological” sister, aunt, and cousin, who live in Arizona.

Last Friday evening, I Facetimed with my sister Summer, my Aunt Noreen, and cousin Cyndi. What an amazing time that was! It touched my heart when Aunt Noreen said, “With you, I feel I have a piece of my sister back.” Her sister Audrey, was my birth mother. I’m learning a bit more about her. You’ve already seen our resemblance.

I feel whole for the first time in my life. In times past, I would get a glimpse of what it was going to feel like, but now, it’s an amazing time for me, and I’m relishing it. There is a dark side to all this, and I will that story sometime. But not yet.

For now, I am basking in the sunshine of getting to know new family members who are related to me by blood. And I see the hand of God in my life and how my life turned out the way it has. And for that I am grateful.

I can see where a few of my gifts have come from, my interest in creative crafts, my innate ability to style hair, etc. And I soak in the love these new family members are so freely offering. When unconditional love enters your life, you feel welcomed and healed. Click to Tweet #APD #sisters #family

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