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Transitions—Part 1

Things are changing for me. For the last five years, I’ve focused on writing Christian fiction alone. Later this year or early 2020, I hope to launch an inner healing ministry called Refreshing Streams. Stay tuned. God has been stirring my heart to help others by bringing inner healing to life’s hurts. #transitions #refreshingstreams @donnalhsmith TWEETABLE

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Heart Full of Love––Part III

The last couple weeks, I’ve shared about love for my “new” sister, and my precious husband of thirty years. This week, I’ll share from a heart full of love for everyone who reads this, for friends old and new, and re-connections. #HeartFullofLove #ShareYourLoveThisChristmas

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We Interrupt This Series… Part II

A few weeks ago, I just had to share the news about finding my ethnicity, and confirming who my birth mother was. I also mentioned that a sister had reached out to me on this blog by leaving a comment, with hopes we could connect soon. Finding openness with new biological family members is healing. Click to Tweet #APD #sisters #family

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Here We Go Again–Another Rejection

tear of griefTaking a deep breath and letting it out slowly. Nine rejections in a year. Maybe that’s not a lot for most writers, but for someone healing from rejection issues like me, it’s like having a hundred.

I’ve read posts by other writers who say they have so many rejections they could paper a wall with them. Really? I have a feeling they’re exaggerating. Do they keep track of how many they get?

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Rejection Issues–Healing Part II

Rejection page logoOn this website you can find the classic symptoms of rejection, or what is clinically known as Avoidant Personality Disorder. You can check those out here.

When I was growing up, I had all the classic symptoms, shy, uncomfortable in new situations where I didn’t know anyone, hard time making friends, etc. One side effect of APD I found in myself twenty years ago is what I call “info dump.”

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Rejection Issues–Healing–Part I

Collage of photos gathered for my party 2014
Collage of photos gathered for my party 2014

Healing is a process. My healing has come in stages. As I go along, I’ll tell my story, in some detail, but not all. I believe I have received personal revelation from God Himself about myself before I was born.

Healing comes in different ways. My healing came first from God, then people. When in prayer some years ago, I believe God told me about what happened while in utero, so to speak. There are two kinds of people who are adopted: those who are affected by rejection, and those who aren’t. My brother wasn’t affected by adoption, and he had much more reason than I to be affected with APD/rejection syndrome.

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