Transitions—Part 1

Things are changing for me. For the last five years, I’ve focused on writing Christian fiction alone. Later this year or early 2020, I hope to launch an inner healing ministry called Refreshing Streams. Stay tuned. God has been stirring my heart to help others by bringing inner healing to life’s hurts. #transitions #refreshingstreams @donnalhsmith TWEETABLE

This blog might incorporate some of those changes. I began this blog five years ago to talk about process. The process involved in becoming a published author. I am now a published author, but I don’t do the traditional things in marketing my books. My focus is changing.

I’m preparing for Refreshing Streams and finishing up the first draft of my third novel, Hannah’s Hope, which I hope will come out later this year—about the same time the other two have.

I do love creative writing. My right brain just “cooks” as I write. I have a basic direction my story goes, but how it gets there surprises me sometimes!

All I can say, during this time of transition, I’ll probably only blog once a week—on Tuesdays. Because until I have more to say, it’s just words.

I have much to say—but I need to retool and discover the best and most beneficial way to say it. God is changing me into His image.

He’s freeing me of hindrances so that I help others become free.

He’s healing me of deep emotional wounds so that I can help others be healed.

He’s showing me on a deeper level, who I am in Christ. Who He created me to be—and who I am becoming. Because it’s more about who I am rather than what I do.

It’s quite a process, and I’ve been going through it for three weeks now, since March 25, and I have at least one more week to go—maybe even two. It’s not psychotherapy or counseling.

When I have something to share, I’ll share it.

I thank each and every one of you who reads this blog. May God bless you in whatever post you’re reading—whether it’s a post about writing, about rejection, about character, or whatever—thank you.

Blessings! Until next time!

What’s God doing in your life? Leave a comment and let me know.

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