Rejection Issues Revised — Part VII Healing Attention v. Invisibility

If a person with rejection issues wants to be invisible—that’s when they need love and gentle attention. Love is really the key to healing rejection. God’s love and the love of people. #rejectionissues #rejectionsymptoms #rejectionhope TWEETABLE

Therein lies the problem. People with rejection issues have problems with people. If we could only just be by ourselves and didn’t have to rely on others for love and affection, we’d be all right. Many people with rejection issues are introverts—meaning they get their energy from being alone.

That’s not healthy for a person with rejection issues. Yes, some time alone, but the rejected cries out for love and attention, approval and favor from others.

A rejected person assumes others won’t or don’t care about them. I know I did. I’m still healing, but I’ve felt that way. I hesitated for several years before applying to join a certain local ministry because I was sure they wouldn’t accept me.

Accusatory thoughts came at me: who are you to think you have a ministry idea? You know they don’t ever pay any attention to you. Why try?

Well…in December, I gathered my courage in the middle of the night. That’s usually when I get to a boiling point and say, “I don’t care if they reject me, I’m doing it anyway!”

Within hours—they had approved my application! I cannot tell you how much that means to me. Oh, the healing that came to my heart that day—and since.

In February, I braved the snow for an impartation prayer—that has changed my life!

I’m also undergoing some very gentle and kind, undramatic deliverance. I’ve always been scared of deliverance. Not anymore. This is freeing!

Reach out to the introverts among you. Some of them might have rejection issues. Just love ‘em! You and they will be richer for it. #rejectionissues #rejectionsymptoms #rejectionhope TWEETABLE

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