Writers’ Conference Prep 101––Part IV

We’ve talked about finishing your manuscript, and having a business card –– all in preparation to attend a writers’ conference. Maybe you’ve heard you need what is called a “One-Sheet.” What is it and why would you need one? It’s like a snapshot of you and your story to give prospective agents and editors a glimpse. A good one-sheet will give you a great all-important first impression. Click to Tweet #amwriting #conferenceprep101

On my website, I have a page called Meghan’s Choice. That’s basically my Internet one-sheet. But here’s what it looked like when I met with agents and editors a couple years ago.

When designing your one-sheet, it doesn’t have to be all bells and whistles, but should be attractive and eye-catching. The copy should sparkle in order to catch the attention of the agent or editor you’re giving it to.

To achieve the affect I desired, I used Microsoft Publisher, with a border and background, placing text boxes and other pictures/photos as I wished.

Another way of learning what you need to do is to talk with other writers. Find out what they’re doing to prepare for a conference. Sharing with each other helps fuel creativity and designs for improvement of your own one-sheet project. I know it did me.

When I attended ACFW for the first time in 2014, another attendant shared her one-sheet. Mine looked plain in comparison. It helped to spark ideas in what I could do. You see the final result here.

Again, the most important thing you do is find out what the prospective agents/editors want to see. Many, if not most, want to see a one-sheet. A few might permit you to give them a book proposal.

Your goal at a writers’ conference is to get the agent or editor to ask you for more. Whether it be a book proposal, sample chapters, or a full manuscript submission. A one-sheet is your introduction to the editor or agent. Make a great first impression. Click to Tweet #amwriting #conferenceprep101

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