Writer’s Conference Prep 101 –– Part V

We’re winding down this series, which started when a writer friend of mine attended her first major writers’ conference to meet with editors and agents, and didn’t know she needed a completed manuscript in fiction. Today, we’ll talk about networking. Making even one really good connection at a conference can further your career in ways you can’t imagine. Click to Tweet #amwriting #conferenceprep101

When attending writers’ conferences, you’ll meet a number of new people. Be friendly to all, but there will be some whom you will connect with better than others. If you’re going alone to a major conference, you’ll have the freedom of being with a number of different folks of your choosing.

You’ll want to look at this from a couple different points of view.

First, colleague-type connections. Writers in your genre and writers from your area are good places to start. If you get even one or two really good colleague connections from a conference, that’s doing well. Because, even with good intentions, it won’t take long before you begin to lose contact with that person. That’s why regional contacts are also beneficial. You can get together after you return home.

DiAnn Mills & I at ACFW 2014

Second, professional-type connections. These connections with agents and editors can eventually help further your writing career. Usually these appointments are one of the main reasons you decided to attend that conference. Because you never know which connection will be helpful.

I’m attending a smaller writers’ conference in just a couple weeks––mainly for the purpose of meeting one of the speakers. I have some questions for him. He’s a man of pretty great influence. Who knows what will happen in the future? He may help me to understand how to take my writing to another level. This conference is smaller, so I should have some opportunity to talk with him. I’d love that.

Make the most of the networking opportunities you have, because you never know which connection will be “the one” you’ll need. Click to Tweet #amwriting #conferenceprep101

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