How to Make a Difference Right Where You Are –– Part II

What’s this little guy feeling?

Sometimes, it will appear that you’re not making a difference in someone’s life. You’ve tried to tell them what they should do, how they should do it, and the results they’ll get. Guess what? That may not work so well. What do you do, then?

Unless those you’re trying to encourage or change their life are directly under your personal authority, such as employer/employee, manager/employee, parent/child, grandparent/grandchild, face it––they have a choice whether or not to take your advice, your orders, or even your encouragement.

McFarland, USA

I’m none of the above, so sometimes I have to be careful how I talk to someone, unless we have that kind of relationship where they have allowed me to speak into their lives in the past. I try not to get too bossy, but I can be forceful.

I think that God wants me to be loveable, not forcible. I believe I’m to gently, with love, point out what I feel they need to know, but not do it in a way that will turn them off, or make it so they won’t want to listen.

Because making a difference is not only about what you say, but what you do. Click to Tweet What’s your life like? Are you in a position to speak into others’ lives? If not, worry not. To speak into someone’s life doesn’t necessarily mean to boss them, to preach to them, or to speak at all, sometimes. It could be about them watching your life, and what you’re doing, how you’re living your life, how you deal with reversals in your life, etc.

If God has brought me a new writer to encourage, not necessarily mentor, I try to be very encouraging in what I say. They’re enthusiastic and energetic. They don’t need to be told the specifics of the tough journey they’ve just started on. Plenty of time to console and build them up them later, when the rejections come, and the criticism/critiques seem harsh. People need to be built up, not torn down. That’s what encouragement means. Build someone up today with your encouragement. Click to Tweet

In a way, it’s like raising a child––even though I’ve never done it. However, I know enough to know you can’t expect a baby to act and be like a teenager. But if your teenager acts like a baby, well then…what would you do?

Anyway, who’s in front of you, now? Co-workers, friends, family, fellow parishioners if you attend church? Watch and see if God will open up opportunities to encourage someone today. If he does, take it. Encourage someone today. It will make a difference. Click to Tweet

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