Finding Time in the ‘Busy’

This week is an extremely busy one for me. I’ve had a busy Fall. I have appointments, assignments, and activities I’m involved in. I love it, yet I know there always needs to be “down” time in my day. For me, that’s usually first thing in the morning and the last thing at night before bed.

Physical fitness is something I’m incorporating into my schedule. I didn’t exercise much last winter, and I paid for it in February, with two, yes two, bouts of the flu. I spent the month of March trying to get healthy and get over bronchitis. Just as I was beginning to recover from that, a tooth which had begun to really bother me earlier, before the flu, acted up again and needed to be extracted.

It took weeks to recover from that. I have since learned, the dentist I’d gone to probably could have done a better job of the extraction, to make it less difficult for me to recover. I’d gone to one of those “all under one roof” type multi-disciplinary practices, and they wanted to prepare me for a later implant at the same time they extracted the tooth. All I can say is, oh well.

Then, I had a root canal done, and it didn’t work well. I’m about to have another after Thanksgiving that a new, single-focus endodontist thinks should take care of “referral” pain in the other root canal tooth. I’ll let you know. You’ve also heard I had another tooth extracted in August. That one went a lot better.

I went on trips, saw relatives, attended conferences, and entered contests. Whee! Recently, I’ve taken on the role of helping a website I contribute to with scheduling blog posts.

And…my first book, my debut novel, Meghan’s Choice, is about to come out. I don’t have a date yet. Any day, I could hear when it will be released.

This week is busy because of all my “normal” things, besides a couple of special things. I’m speaking Saturday at a local writer’s group, so I have to practice my presentation. There’s a conference at my church later this week. I’m running projection for the House of Prayer tonight. I’m also having to work in making phone calls to let a few people know they made the finals of a contest––probably from the House of Prayer.

Then, my “Dying Grace” friend informed me today, she’s gone to our local hospice. I hope to see her one last time, but I’m not sure I’ll get there.

For me, time to exercise, time to journal, and time to play the piano in worship to God are my priorities. That’s what I do at the beginning of my day. When I do these things, I remain at peace in the middle of all the busyness.

The point is, I’ve shared because it’s important to take time––time out of your day to regroup, to pray, to worship, and see what you can do that is of eternal value. Who can you encourage today?

How do you “order” your day? What do you do that brings you peace? Leave a comment and let me know.

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