New Beginnings and Established Blessings—Part III

The number eight is usually interpreted as “new beginnings.” Every New Year, we make resolutions to become a better person, or so we hope. Yet, most of the time, statistics show that by February 1st, we’re back to our old habits. We haven’t changed a thing. That’s one reason I don’t make New Year’s resolutions anymore, and haven’t for years. Because I would disappoint myself when I couldn’t keep it going very long. Now, I just allow God to work on me all year round and I expect to see new beginnings and established blessings in my life. Click to Tweet #newbeginnings2018 #establishedblessings2018 #amwriting

Last year brought about many changes in my life. It started with the last five months of 2016, when a string of frustrations and disappointments began in August and didn’t stop until the end of the year. I’ve talked a bit about that here on this blog. I got to the point where I didn’t want to enter 2017. Although the last part of the 2016 wasn’t pleasant, I had some serious concerns about 2017. When I tried to “peer” into the future, all I could “see” was pain…which started in mid-January of last year. I didn’t want to enter 2017…even though it was new beginning.

The number seven is usually considered the number of completion, because God established it that way in the Bible. Every seven years, the Israelites were told to leave a field vacant. Servants could be freed on a seventh year multiple. The forty-ninth year completed a cycle of sevens for the Israelites. They always looked forward to “the year of Jubilee” — the fiftieth year.

Which is why eight is the number of new beginnings. Our pastor has been talking in the new year about both 2017 and 2018. The first things he said were: 1) for 2017, what would you like to leave behind? 2) For 2017, what would you like freedom from? 3) For 2018, what would you like to lay hold of? In other words, what new things that aren’t happening now in your life, would you like to see?

I’ll talk about my answers next week. In the meantime, think about how you’d answer these questions, and leave a comment and let me know. Eight is the number of new beginnings in your life. Where will you start? Click to Tweet #amwriting #newbeginnings2018 #establishedblessings2018

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