God’s Special Effects—Part IV

How does God speak to you? For me, He speaks to my heart through the Bible, and directly to my spirit. It’s that “still, small voice” inside me. It can be like a running dialogue, or just a word or two with the instruction of “write this down.” So, I grab my journal, pick up a pen, and write.  #GodsSpecialEffects #SpiritualGifts #SuperBowl2018

Most of the time, I don’t tell people what I’ve heard, unless I feel He wants me to. As we entered 2018, our church did its yearly three-week fast. I participated in one week of it. And during that time, football playoff games were occurring. God spoke outcomes of some of the games to me. I didn’t ask Him. He just told me. Next time, I’ll tell you why I believe I hear those things.

Here’s what I felt I heard:

The Steelers would lose. For some reason, I felt God didn’t want the Saints and the Eagles to play each other for the NFC championship. I’m thinking to myself about the significance. The Saints represent the saints of God. God’s people. When they won the Super Bowl a few years ago, prophetic ministers talked about the “rise of the Saints of God.” They felt that ordinary, everyday Saints of God would begin to take their place in the world, and would do extraordinary things.

The Eagle is a prophetic symbol of the prophetic. Think about an eagle. It has very sharp eyes and can see its prey from way up in the air. It can see the little, as well as the big. An eagle can pick out its prey from far up in the sky. The bird distinguishes between what’s food, and what to ignore.

There are recognized prophets who can “read your mail” and just about tell you what you had for breakfast. Many in the Body of Christ need to hear the encouraging words of prophetic ministry. Yet sadly, many people discount this type of ministry. I believe there are several reasons for this. And I’ll to get to some of them next time. Because I feel this is important. I’m speaking out when I normally wouldn’t. But my life has been profoundly impacted during this season. I feel I must share.

Back to the playoffs. I felt God wanted the Eagles and the Vikings to play for the NFC Championship because He didn’t want the “Saints of God” in competition with “prophetic voices.” This may sound stupid, but that’s what I felt. So, I “knew” the Vikings would beat the Saints, and they did. I forget which game it was, but I felt God tell me things a few minutes before they happened. I heard, “dramatic finish.” That team won then, won on the last play of the game. It was the team I felt God told me would win. Next time, I’ll discuss what I felt I heard about the Super Bowl. What I did that day, and what I feel I learned.

How does God speak to you? One popular daytime talk show hostess thinks we’re all insane if we say we hear from God. I wonder what would happen if someone told her the deepest secrets of her heart? Stuff that only she and God knew. Would it break down her walls? Or would she be like Pharaoh, and harden her heart more? Leave a comment and let me know. #GodsSpecialEffects #SpiritualGifts #SuperBowl2018

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