March Winds — Part III

This is the last week of March. The winds of change are calming down a bit, but they have left their mark on me. I am not the same person I was even three weeks ago…or earlier this year.

There are seasons in life when all goes along, time passes, but it seems nothing is happening. Then, suddenly, things begin to happen, and accelerate.

Dutch Sheets, noted pastor, intercessor and prophetic voice in the U.S., wrote a wonderful little book back in 2001 called God’s Timing for Your Life. I’ve read it numerous times in the past 17 years. It’s gotten me through some tough times of waiting for God to move and encouraged me when I’d messed up about a dozen years ago. Because I was still alive and breathing—I could believe that a “kairos” time could come around for me again.

It’s all about “time.” Using three Greek words for “time,” Dutch helps us understand where we are in those different seasons. Today, I’ll talk about two of those words.

The first word is “chronos.” It refers to the general process of time—chronological time. “When we’re in a nonstrategic general season of life’s daily routine, plodding along in the chronos time, God doesn’t totally start over with a kairos season. His overall agenda does not change. He simply takes us through one phase of a process in which our perseverance and faithfulness have allowed Him to shift us into the next phase—a strategic season.”

I’ve been in so many chronos seasons, sometimes it’s hard to believe when suddenly, I’m in kairos. I’m in kairos right now in my life. Things are changing. Opportunities are beginning to open to me where they’d been closed before.

During the chronos times, it’s somewhat difficult to wait and do things right. We sometimes believe it doesn’t matter what we do during those times. But they are more important than we realize.

“The chronos season, however frustrating, is not unimportant. If you press on, doing what is necessary in these general times, the process will shift into a kairos season of reaping. Galatians 6:9 says, “Let us not lose heart in doing good, for in due time (kairos) we shall reap if we do not grow weary.”

Kairos is the “opportune time.” It is born of and from chronos time. There’s another word, called “convergence.” My pastor said last year, that our church was in a time of convergence, and that applied to me personally, when I shared with him about certain things were happening. (It’s all here on this blog. Check out the “We interrupt this series…” “Heart Full of Love” and “Family is All Relative” post series, plus “Revelations & Friendships” and other inspirational posts from last year.

What season are you in? Chronos or Kairos? Leave a comment and let me know. Click to Tweet #windsofchange #marchforward #opportunityknocks #GodsTimingforYourLife

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