Unlocking Your Blessings in May—Part III

Will there be changes coming to you in the month of May? How will you know and how can you unlock the blessings God wants to give you in the month of May? Are you ready to move forward with God? How adaptable can you be? Click to Tweet #GodsTimingForYourLife #amwriting #UnlockingYourBlessingsInMay2018 #donnalhsmith

Key #3: We Must Be Very Flexible

The Israelites waited forty years…goodness! Forty years they wandered in the wilderness because of the unbelief of the adult generation whom God freed from bondage. But their minds were still in slavery.

God didn’t give them much time to think about the change. Why? Because they would probably have talked themselves out of it. They complained in the desert about their lack…lack of meat, lack of water. Instead of being thankful they’d been delivered from slavery, they were angry because things weren’t handed to them on a silver platter. And yet, they were.

The Lord parted the Red Sea. God provided manna every day. He caused water to come from a rock. Their clothes and shoes never wore out. They had it all.

But they had to be ready quickly. That’s why the Passover bread was made without yeast. Make it, bake it, then eat it. There isn’t time.

“Unexpected events will also require flexibility. I can assure you that when the transition begins, especially when we are walking through kairos—the strategic, opportune stage—there will be unexpected opportunities and challenges. God will do things in ways we really didn’t anticipate. We have probably envisioned how things should happen. God will most likely do it differently…and we must be very flexible.”

Flexible means adaptable, stretchy, bendable, lithe, supple, and accommodating, compliant, open, malleable, variable. The antonyms are intractable and rigid. We want to be malleable and open to the places God wants to take us.

Are you pliable in God’s hands? Can you move and shift at a moment’s notice? Consider Elisha, who burned his plow and sacrificed his oxen when saying farewell to his old life. Are you ready for a change? Be flexible, malleable, and open to whatever shift God designs for you. Click to Tweet #GodsTimingForYourLife #amwriting #UnlockingYourBlessingsInMay2018 #donnalhsmith

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