Unlocking Your Blessings in May—Part IV

Yellow irises from my flower box

Back to Basics. We hear it all the time. To be successful in our jobs, we need to know the basics, plus a lot more. In our walk with God, so that we can unlock our divine shift, we need to get back to the basics. Click to Tweet #GodsTimingForYourLife #amwriting #UnlockingYourBlessingsInMay2018 #donnalhsmith

Key #4: Remember the Basics

Dutch Sheets says, “Remember to focus on the Word. Remember to spend time with the Lord. Remember to fellowship regularly with other believers. Keep yourself in prayer. Do the basics!”

Transition can be difficult — as we move from one place to another, either in the natural, or spiritually, or in our careers. We need to keep the basics of the Christian life in focus. If we’re lacking in any of those areas, our shift could be derailed, shipwrecked, or otherwise delayed. You’ve probably heard the saying, “delay is not denial.” Maybe, maybe not. It can keep you stranded for years, if not for life.

What are those basics again?

  1. Focus on the Word. Read the Bible every day — at least some portion of it. Otherwise, you’re starving your spirit.
  2. Spend time with the Lord. Prayer, worship, and intercession are all ways to spend private time with the Lord. Practice talking with Him in the car, while you’re making dinner, at lunchtime, whenever you’re alone. First thing in the morning, or the last thing at night before bed.
  3. Fellowship regularly with other believers. I can’t stress this enough. Because if you’re not connected in a regular church, plain and simply — you are in deception. It’s the devil’s tactic to keep you isolated and offended with some aspect of the Body of Christ or the way church is ‘done.’ Get over yourself and your offence and get connected.
  4. Keep yourself in prayer. Prayer should be accomplished as easy as breathing. Have running conversations with God. Be in an attitude of thankfulness and tell Him why you are thankful. Intercede for others. Ask God what He wants for your day. Prayer is our best way of keeping in touch with God.

It’s always good to review and get back to basics. It astounds me how professional basketball players get paid millions of dollars for missing sometimes half of their free throws or traveling. Those are basketball basics. In the ‘real’ job world, you must be a lot more accurate in your job than that.

The foundations of a successful life are found by going back to basics. Bible reading, prayer, worship, and church fellowship are the basics of our walk to follow Christ. Unlock your blessings for May by practicing these basics. Click to Tweet #GodsTimingForYourLife #amwriting #UnlockingYourBlessingsInMay2018 #donnalhsmith

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