June Blooms — Part II

Recently, I visited the Biltmore Estate outside Asheville, North Carolina. The rose garden was in full bloom and stunningly beautiful. So, I’m posting a few photos from that excursion. You’ll notice different colors of roses, but they are all part of the rose family. Just as we are all part of the human family. There’s a timing to when roses bloom, and there’s a timing for our lives to bloom, too. #JuneBlooms #SeasonShift #GodsTiming4YourLife

Some blooms are larger than others, some smell wonderful, some have no fragrance at all. Some are vines, some of bushes, but they’re all roses.

I did a bit of research. It takes between six to eight weeks for a bud to fully develop into a bloom. There’s a “setting” stage where, if the conditions are right, the bud “sets” and will begin to develop petals. That’s the most exciting part. You’ll know that within a couple weeks, you’ll have a bloom.

It almost seems that “overnight” the rose blooms. At least, it appears that way, doesn’t it?

Think about the different areas of your life. Your work, your family, your hobbies, and your spiritual life. Those are all part of you, just like the different colored roses are part of the rose family.

What areas of your life need to bloom? Or develop a bud before it can bloom?

We grow up in families, most of us, and when we’re ready to “bloom,” we become an adult and make our way in the world. Some of us fall in love, get married, and have children. That’s family blooming. Our children grow up and are fruitful adults with great lives of their own.

Others of us are extremely successful at our jobs. We make lots of money or have great satisfaction doing what we love to do. We may start as a bud, at the bottom of the corporate ladder, then as we learn and grow, we get promoted, and some even end up as CEOs.

But which area of our life is it most important to bloom in? In my opinion, it’s our spiritual development. Seeking after God and his purposes for our lives is what we should all be doing. There are stages of productivity our lives go through. Our spirits should always be growing in wisdom and knowledge of God.

When it all comes together, the rose blooms. When different areas of our lives come together, or if they come all at once, it’s called convergence. What stage are you in? #JuneBlooms #SeasonShift #GodsTiming4YourLife

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