June Blooms — Part IV

Where are you in life? Is your life “blooming” or have you been pruned? Pruning is no fun. It hurts, but it’s so further growth can occur. #JuneBlooms #SeasonShift #GodsTiming4YourLife

We trim back our shrubs, our perennials, and our trees. Why? Because they’re growing –– and to keep them growing, we need to cut them back. It almost seems like an oxymoron. Trim, cut back –– grow.

But it works. We see the fruit of the pruning later when more buds form. Those buds turn into leaves, flowers, and branches.

We’ve all been pruned numerous times in our lives. It’s how we respond to the pruning. It’s to shape us and help us grow in the right direction.

At the end of 2016, I went through a vigorous pruning that lasted most of last year, too. It was difficult and hard to take. I cried out to God many times to stop it. It started with career disappointments, then progressed to physical ailments.

During this time, very little what I would call “growth” occurred. But looking back now, I can see some.

Two “good” things happened in that season of pruning (things I’d been doing that were taken away or not given). My pastor restored me to prophetic ministry. That meant so much. And, even though my “chapter” folded, our (very) little writers’ conference was a blessing to those who came. Early in 2017, I learned that my novel would finally be published. That was a great encouragement to me.

I’m wrapping up this series with this post, but it probably won’t have a bow on it. Life isn’t always put together in a neat little package. My life certainly isn’t always neat.

But, it is a blessed time of life. Because of that pruning, larger influence, platform, and growth have occurred both personally and professionally. Doors are opening to me this year that have been closed previously.

All I can do is say, “Thank You, Lord.” I’m stepping into things I’ve longed to do for quite some time.

So, bloom where God has you. Watch for the times and seasons in your life and see where God might take you. #JuneBlooms #SeasonShift #GodsTiming4YourLife

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