The Romance Plot – Part I

Our little romance we’re writing, tentatively called, “Romancing the Rabbi,” has two lead characters and we’ve learned a few things about them in the previous months. The storyline of a romance IS the romance. But what little plot points along the way are important to note? Click to Tweet #WritingRomance101 #donnalhsmith #almostanauthor #TheRomancePlot

To review: Tovah has rejection issues, and that Judah is a beta male who’s hiding something. They met at synagogue when Tovah’s homily papers flew right at Judah’s feet. She found him so attractive, she stuttered.

We already had them meet. That’s Point 1. Let’s look at Point 2 today.


Lots of synonyms to this word. Hostility. Opposition. Conflict. Skirmish. Battle. Clash. Argument. Quarrel. Disagreement.

This point is what will drive the story.

They need to fuss at each other. Offend, then apologize. Look past the problem and find a way to come together.

Working out and working through their external and internal issues.

Should they begin to discuss their issues, make certain they’re not able to resolve them too soon. OR, bring in another, more serious issue that will keep them apart.

This external tension helps to drive the plot along. Every scene in a romance between the two leads should sizzle with conflict, desire, and tension. Sometimes that’s hard, but get the story out first, then on revisions, go back and ramp it up.

Let conflict complicate your plot. For every two steps forward they take in getting together, they should suffer a major setback.

Three Issues to Look At

Trust: Will Judah be unable to trust Tovah with his secrets because a woman somewhere in his past has betrayed him?

Control: Does Tovah inadvertently use control to protect and guard her heart now? Is her heart still reeling from past rejections, and she’s “gun-shy” now?

Self-Image: Especially for Tovah: How does she see herself? Does she have too many pounds in a certain area? How about her nose? Is it too large? And Judah? Is his self-image tied up in his corporate success? What would happen if he lost a large account?

Next time we’ll talk about the physical attraction our two lovebirds begin to feel for each other. If you’ve never seen the movie “The Enchanted Cottage” starring Dorothy McGuire and Robert Young, you should. Because others might see unattractiveness or ugliness, but two people in love will only see beauty and handsome. Click to Tweet #donnalhsmith # almostanauthor #TheRomancePlot

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