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The Romance Plot—Part V

We’re looking at some of my “favorite” types of romance plot. We know they all have in common the guy and the girl. They will end up together. The fun part is making up the story that brings them together. In essence, we play matchmaker. @donnalhsmith @a3writers #TheRomancePlot Click to Tweet

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The Romance Plot — Part III

When did you know you “fell in love?” Both lead characters need to do it. #WritingRomance101 @donnalhsmith @a3writers #TheRomancePlot Click to Tweet

To review: In our contemporary romance, Tovah has rejection issues, and Judah is a beta male who’s hiding something. They met at synagogue when Tovah’s homily papers flew right at Judah’s feet. She found him so attractive, she stuttered. Very unlike her, because she is usually an accomplished public speaker.

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The Romance Plot – Part I

Our little romance we’re writing, tentatively called, “Romancing the Rabbi,” has two lead characters and we’ve learned a few things about them in the previous months. The storyline of a romance IS the romance. But what little plot points along the way are important to note? Click to Tweet #WritingRomance101 #donnalhsmith #almostanauthor #TheRomancePlot

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Getting Inside the Romantic Hero’s Head—Part VI

This time, we’ll conclude our series of Getting Inside the Romantic Hero’s Head. Because there is so much to writing a romance. I’ll be getting to some “Nuts & Bolts” of writing “clean” romance while satisfying the reader. It’s not just “chemistry” that brings two people to love. Love is a decision based on factors of attraction. Click to Tweet #InsideHerosHead #donnalhsmith #almostanauthor #writingromance101

For the past number of posts, we’ve been working on various aspects of creating a contemporary story called “Romancing the Rabbi.” Our two main characters are Tovah and Judah. We’ve been looking at both the romantic lead characters. Tovah is a rabbi who lives in Brooklyn. Judah is a CEO who lives in Manhattan, but is originally from Jerusalem, Israel.

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Getting Inside the Romantic Hero’s Head—Part V

We’ve established that the female reader of romance wants to know what the male lead is thinking. It’s important to get inside the hero’s head to know his thoughts on especially the heroine. What is it about the heroine that is attractive to the hero? Is it her looks, her personality, or a combination? And, what will the hero hide from the female lead? Click to Tweet #InsideHerosHead #donnalhsmith #writingromance101

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Getting Inside the Romantic Hero’s Head—Part III

Have you ever wondered what the opposite sex is thinking while you’re thinking? Men, as a rule, think in fewer words, phrases, emotions, than women generally do. The key to dialogue in romance writing is to keep it natural and consistent. Click to Tweet #InsideHerosHead #donnalhsmith #writingromance101

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Getting Inside the Romantic Hero’s Head—Part II

In our romance we’re writing, we’ve sketched out the two main characters, Tovah and Judah. Tovah is a rabbi. Judah is the CEO of a multi-national family-owned corporation. The male POV in a romance escalates the romantic tension with the heroine. Click to Tweet #InsideHerosHead #donnalhsmith #almostanauthor #writingromance101

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