The Romance Plot—Part V

We’re looking at some of my “favorite” types of romance plot. We know they all have in common the guy and the girl. They will end up together. The fun part is making up the story that brings them together. In essence, we play matchmaker. @donnalhsmith @a3writers #TheRomancePlot Click to Tweet


I’ve always been fascinated by amnesia stories. It draws me. Amnesia occurs when someone has a brain injury and they forget who they are, or they don’t remember important aspects of their life. In most cases, the person will regain their memory, or at least partly. It’s the intrigue. What important things have they forgotten about themselves? Will it hamper the romance that occurs? Readers are as eager to know the backstory as the characters themselves are.

I have an amnesia story I want to write someday. The original idea was for a novella, but it could probably be a novel, too. We’ll see. I’ll call it “Forgotten Bride.” It’s actually based on a true story, about a young groom, a farmer, who was kicked in the head by a steer, and forgot he was married. He had some anxious moments until someone told him who his bride was. He was relieved, to say the least. Hmmm. What if it hadn’t been her? My little mind is going places…we’ll see.


This is part of the romantic suspense or mystery, where the romance and the mystery/suspense are equal parts to the story. I love reading these kinds of stories, but I haven’t written one. Mysteries are all about the investigation, the laying out of clues, the inclusion of red herrings, and finally, the big reveal. Whodunit!

I have a chocolate mystery I want to write someday. Another one of those “what if” stories. I used to make organic chocolate truffles and sold them on the Internet. What if a character similar to me was accused of smuggling drugs in her chocolates. She knows she’s not guilty. Is it a customer? Or a competitor with a false identity trying to put her out of business? Whodunit?

There are so many ways romance plots can go. The fun part is deciding which way you want it to go—a way unique and different than any other romance you’ve read. Your own unique twist. @donnalhsmith @a3writers #TheRomancePlot Click to Tweet

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