September 2 Remember – Part I

Does it seem like time flies by? Well, it does me. The older I get, the faster it goes, too. I’d heard that when I was younger—especially when time seemed to be slow, and nothing was happening. Now that I’m “older,” it really does go by quick. Take the time to enjoy your life and remember what’s important. #September2Remember #donnalhsmith #timeflies Click to Tweet

I was talking to someone recently who said, “Remember when we were younger, we said, ‘time flies when you’re having fun?’” Now it seems that time just flies.

So…what will you do to create memories…to remember what happens this September? For many of you, September is a time when either you, your children, or grandchildren go back to school. Facebook abounds with “first day photos” of children returning to school. Most of the pictures are cute, and the children seem to enjoy the fuss being made over them.

We didn’t do that when I was a kid. The first day of school came, and we went. Maybe a week to a month later, we had the “official” school photo taken. When I was in grade school, it was a class photo, until we were older grades. Around 4th grade or so is when we started having our own portrait taken. You then traded with your friends.

This September, I’m going to remember the trip I’m taking this weekend to teach two workshops on social media and book marketing in Virginia. I’m looking forward to seeing old friends and making new—which is what writers do at a writers’ conference. I’m also looking forward to coaching a younger lady on what she can do when her children’s picture book comes out.

I’m also looking forward to teaching at my local Christian writers’ group. I love connecting with local writers and passing along anything and everything I’ve learned.

So…in the midst of everything getting back to what we might call “normal” (as opposed to “summer”) let’s pause to remember what we’re doing this September. Take a photo. Write in a journal. Share with a friend. Don’t let the month go by and you’ve forgotten about it already. #September2Remember #donnalhsmith #timeflies Click to Tweet

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