The Augustness of August—Part IV

It’s definitely summertime here. There’s a heat advisory for today (Tuesday), and I’m going to be hibernating inside in my comfy air conditioning. That’s August here in Pennsylvania. It can be cool one day and really hot the next. What’s your favorite summertime memory from the past? We’re going to look at that, today, as we read the lyrics of Nat King Cole’s song, “In the Good Old Summertime.” @donnalhsmith @a3writers #IntheGoodOldSummertime #AugustnessofAugust


In the good old summertime

In the good old summertime

Strollin’ through the shady lanes

With my baby, mine

I hold her hand and she holds mine

And that’s a very good sign

That she’s my tootsy-wootsy in

A good old summertime

Summers when I grew up were laid back, except when we went on vacation. That was fun! Because I have pale skin and an allergy to mosquito bites, I spent a lot of summer days indoors or under a tree—anywhere it was shady, and I wouldn’t get sunburned. At night, when it got dark, I’d have to go inside so I wouldn’t be eaten up by mosquitos.

I do love going to the beach, however. Now that we have sunscreen (we only had Coppertone when I was growing up), I can be out longer and not get burned. I have a screened in back porch, so if it’s a lovely evening, I can be out on it—but it’s still hot out there in the summer.

Near where I lived in Kansas, was a small lake. Not much more than a big pond, really. But it was called Dey’s Lake, because that was the property owner’s name. My family and some friends had little cabins or trailers out there with a screened in porch. We’d go out around 5:00 or so and have hamburgers for supper, then stay the evening, playing board or card games, or talking. A lot of July 4ths we would go there, and I’d do sparklers as soon as it got dark. I always loved sparklers. They didn’t make loud noises and were pretty.

Nowadays, I still spend most of my summer days inside. But if I can get out early enough, before it gets too hot, I go for a walk…sometimes up to an hour and a half. We have a lovely rail trail nearby that is nice to walk.

When we can learn to enjoy being right where we are, with what God is doing in our lives now, while celebrating and remembering the past, God’s magnificence, His Augustness, can be reflected to others as we follow Him and bring His love to the world. @donnalhsmith @a3writers #IntheGoodOldSummertime #AugustnessofAugust

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