Happy New Year 2019! See the Possibilities—Part I

In December, I posted a lot about remembering and looking back over this year. Remember the good. Appreciate the present. Look forward to the future. Now that we have a new year, it’s a new beginning. Release the baggage of the past. Hold on to hope that this year will be spectacular. Because it will be—in its own unique way. #HappyNewYear2019 #Lookforward #SeethePossibilities TWEETABLE

Two years ago, I was down in the dumps. I’d had a pretty bad last five months of the year. I wasn’t physically ill, (not until 2017), but I’d had a series of setbacks professionally that really beat me up emotionally. I’ve alluded to those here on this blog.

The thing I learned was to keep going, keep hoping, keep on keeping on. And not lose my faith in the only One who could change things.

It wasn’t until later I realized it was all a BIG test, and if I passed it, some of the greatest things that could happen would be released.

Two years ago, I didn’t want 2016 to end, even though it hadn’t been all that great. I wrote in my journal:

The good: I made it through church last night without coughing. The questionable: I don’t know where I’m at. I feel caught between two worlds.

I couldn’t sleep all night.

I played the piano to bring in the New Year and momentarily, I felt better.

K and I prayed together. We don’t do that often. All I could do was cry. All night long — off and on.

Still am. Finally came to bed at 6 a.m.

Dear Lord, please help me. I feel a battle has begun…and I’m already wounded, roughed up, and battered.

Yet I will FOLLOW the Lord.

Yet I will PRAISE the Lord.

Yet I will WORSHIP the King of Kings and Lord of Lords.

Friends, the previous three lines are what will get you through anything. And I mean—anything.

My prayer for you:

That God reach down from heaven and touch you, heal you, and bless you. May the Lord of Hosts pour out His love upon you, give you the peace that passes all understanding. May you know without a doubt that He: loves you, will guide you (if you ask Him), keep and protect you, and renew you in His love.

Look forward to this spectacular new year of 2019! God has already gone before you. Release the past. Appreciate today because tomorrow…who knows what God will do. Breakthrough is coming! #HappyNewYear2019 #Lookforward #SeethePossibilities TWEETABLE

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