Transitions—Part 4

I’ve been sharing of removing hindrances from my life. It’s very freeing. It all begins with our choices in life. Whom shall we serve? Whom shall we follow? Choices we make can be either nominal or life-altering. What choices have you made recently? @donnalhsmith #transition #refreshingstreams #amwriting TWEETABLE

I made a decision to acquire further training in the current program I’m in to prepare me for helping others. I could have remained on course and finished this year, but somewhere along the line, I’ve been encouraged to “go for it” and “go for the gold!”

What I’m working on now, I wouldn’t have thought of doing several years ago.

I was a chocolatier—making and selling homemade organic chocolate truffles on the Internet. I’d been severely disappointed in attempting to become part of a ministry’s teaching program. Yes, I did some things wrong, but I also learned there were other forces in play at the time that I had no clue about.

But it crushed me. It made me believe that maybe God didn’t want me “in ministry.” So, I went into business, and did that for seven years.

Five years ago, right now, I was recovering from a broken wrist—busted in Israel, my once-in-a-lifetime trip. It was extremely difficult for me to maneuver one-handed in everything, especially being baptized in the Jordan River. But I did it anyway. My husband held my nose while I held my arm (encased in a plastic bag) with the other.

Kirby, Shimone, and Me at Yardenit, just after baptism in Jordan River

See, that’s one thing I’ve been learning the last number of years. Noted teacher Joyce Meyer says, “Do it afraid.” Well, I’ve done things afraid many a time, not knowing whether or not I’d have a positive outcome.

You’ve heard a bit on this website of my journey at the end of 2016 into 2017, and how that changed me.

Things are continuing to change. I really thought this year would be like last year—I’d be speaking and teaching at a bunch of writers’ conferences—like last year.

Well—that’s changed. I’ll only be teaching at one writer’s conference this year—in July in northeast Pennsylvania.

But God has been training me for a new venture in Him.

What dreams have gone by the wayside in your life? Are you bold enough to give them another try? Will you choose God’s plan for your life? Or your own? @donnalhsmith #transition #refreshingstreams #amwriting TWEETABLE

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