What or Whom Do You Fear—Part 4

The Kingdom of God is an “invisible” kingdom. We don’t normally see it with our natural eyes—except when something miraculous happens. That’s why we need to bring more of Heaven to Earth. #nofear #amwriting #faithnotfear @donnalhsmith

I have a LOT of friends, or should I say, acquaintances—who occasionally post something on Facebook about something bad happening in the world today—as if it totally surprised them. To which they say, “Come, Lord Jesus! Take me away!”

This is escapist “theology.” Don’t get me wrong, I too, would love to be “raptured” away from the troubles of the world, but I’ve learned that I’m here to make a difference.

I’m here to bring a light to a very dark world.

So…evil, with all its depravity, doesn’t surprise me. Virtually nothing people, even “Christians” say or do, surprises me.

I don’t respond by wringing my hands or moaning and groaning about those things. I go to prayer and ask the Lord to have His way in my life. Because if I can impact one person, then maybe that person can impact two people, and it multiplies.

I recently had a conversation with a fellow writer when their denomination decided to follow deceit instead of truth. It upset them terribly. I sympathized with her suggested she seek out another church where truth was preached. The unadulterated, Gospel truth.

Yes, all this deceit and depravity is part of the End Times, so why should we be surprised when we see it playing out before our eyes.

There is so much more to life than political views or actions. I was in local politics for a bit 25 years ago. I finally decided that was not my “calling.”

With my rejection issues of the past, and I certainly had them then, engaging in a debate over what was right or wrong morally, or who was the “better” candidate only showed me that politics is never the answer to today’s world and its ills.

Jesus is the answer. To everything. If everyone had a true relationship with Jesus, and truly understood His ways, we could get the Gospel preached and Jesus could return quickly.

But as it stands now, we need more. We need the Holy Spirit. He’s the answer to everything. He’s how we hear God.

I’m for signs, wonders, and miracles. Yeah, and I’ve seen some lately! Woo hoo! God is moving! The Bibles and wheat and tares grow together until the last harvest. I’m wheat and I’m growing! And I’m going to make a difference in my world—right where I am! #nofear #amwriting #faithnotfear @donnalhsmith

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