God’s Mysterious Ways—Part 1

A few months ago, I decided to take a break from blogging. It’s been a good break. I focused on my studies, finished my third novel, taught at a Christian writer’s conference, went to the New Jersey shore for my birthday, got my Medicare card, and have been celebrating my freedom in Christ. But now, I feel the urge to write again—to “say” something. @donnalhsmith #GodsMysteriousWays #SaySomethingEternal #GodsCallOnMyLife #GodisAmazing

Our church moved into a new building this summer. I taught a class on how knowing our identity in Christ helps us with inner healing, attended a spiritual development conference at our church just a couple weeks ago, and God started His mysterious ways up again in my life.

I’ve been in a Christian healing certification program, but for several years, I’ve felt nudged of the Lord to attend seminary. However, my practical side said, “Why?” Why now? I’m in my sixties.

One of my class instructors is taking seminary, and earlier this year, he encouraged me to investigate it for myself. Here’s my reply, something to the effect of: “Maybe I would have 10 years ago. Maybe even five? But now? What would I do with it?”

I’m preparing to launch Refreshing Streams, an inner healing ministry, early next year. I’ve been taking these healing certification classes to help me with it. To learn more. I’ve always had an insatiable desire to learn more.

I’ve already taken two college degrees, two Bible schools, and now a healing certification program.

Early this year, or late last year, I don’t remember exactly, I looked at the programs of four seminaries. The classes I’m currently taking will transfer for credit at one online seminary. That’s the one I had pretty much said, “Yeah. IF, and it’s a BIG IF, I would ever go, that’s probably the one I’d go to.”

Well, after this conference at our church in late August, I got online and looked at the degrees being offered again. And sort of said, “Yeah, that’s the one I’d do IF (a BIG IF) I would ever do it. I even chose electives. It was an exercise. I put it away, thinking I would look again at the end of the year.

God has a sense of humor. The very next evening, while my precious husband is mowing the lawn, and because I hadn’t slept well the night before (middle age stuff, I think), I was relaxing on the couch, when this thought went across my mind.

“You’ve already made your decision.” Immediately, I burst into tears, feeling God’s presence and affirmation.

I’m learning to hear God’s voice in an entirely different way. Not even a still, small voice anymore. More like a wild, outrageous—passing thought. But I recognize the source. It’s not something I would ever think of. @donnalhsmith #GodsMysteriousWays #SaySomethingEternal #GodsCallOnMyLife #GodisAmazing

2 Comments on “God’s Mysterious Ways—Part 1”

  1. Hi Dorothy.
    It’s called Global Awakening Theological Seminary. It’s totally online. I’ve applied, but I haven’t heard whether I’m in or not. I should hear in the next couple of weeks. The reason I applied to this one is that all the classes I’m taking with this healing certification program will transfer. We’re so privileged to have Dr. Randy Clark (who is the president of the online seminary) in our area. His ministry base is an hour away.


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