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Do I Deserve to be Here? Part 2

Throwback to childhood

Yesterday, I said if abortion had been legal 25 years earlier, I might not be here. But what about young women/girls who are raped? Should they be forced to carry their child? Not forced. They choose life, not death. Do I deserve to be here? #WhatWasISupposedToBe @donnalhsmith #RayBoltz #prolifeissues TWEETABLE

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Do I Deserve to be Here? Part 1

The song “What Was I Supposed to Be?” was brought back to my mind a couple weeks ago after some states voted to allow late-term abortions up until birth. I used to sing this song, and I got to hear a recording of it on Sunday I didn’t know I had. Ray Boltz wrote this well over 25 years ago. If abortion had been legal in the 1950s, I would probably not be here. For those who might even think that abortion should be available for those who have been victimized by rape or incest, again, I would probably not be here. Do I deserve to be here? #WhatWasISupposedToBe @donnalhsmith #RayBoltz #prolifeissues TWEETABLE

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Learn 2 Discern in October — Part V

We’ve been talking this month about learning to discern the different voices we hear in our lives. Sometimes, it’s like living in fog. How to tell them apart, and what their source is. Man’s voice only looks from an earthly perspective, but still has another source. God’s voice speaks of His love, mercy, kindness, and strength. We talked of “mob” violence. That’s always the devil’s voice. He comes to kill, steal, and destroy. That’s his goal. #Learn2DiscerninOctober #thedevilsvoice #Godsvoice #Halloween #Jewishsynangogueattack #Pittsburghsynagogueattack @donnalhsmith @a3writers TWEETABLE

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Kicking the Goads

from Flickr
from Flickr

I’ve been taking a deep, long, and hard look at my life in the last couple of months. Some negative things have occurred in the fall that caused me to question my direction. Self-reflection is a good thing, because we need to take stock of ourselves from time-to-time. Click to Tweet Knowing where we are can give us insight. #selfreflection #kickinggoads

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What is the Measure––Part II

from Flickr
from Flickr

While taking stock, I’m not in a hurry. But what I am doing, is pursuing God in a deeper way, going back to incorporating more of the spiritual disciplines, hoping God will either confirm my direction, or tell me to seek another way. #whatsyourmeasure #takingstock

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What is the Measure––Part I

fountain pen

If you’ve been reading, you know that I’ve been struggling with my writing. This has been going on a long time, but has been coming to a head after a prolonged season of disappointments and rejections. It has caused me to question certain things. #whatsyourmeasure #takingstock

Sometimes, you have to take stock of yourself and change directions if what you’re doing isn’t working for you. Click to Tweet I haven’t come to that point yet, because it’s hard to do. I know, because I’ve had to do it before––many times. I’ve been out of college 40 years, and I’ve changed career paths probably 10 times in those years. Maybe more, I don’t really know.

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12–28–2016 Blog Post

Photo from FlickrI don’t know what else to call this. It’s a day late, which is kind of the story of my life. I’ve dreamt of being late to work, late to school, late to church––for many years. I also feel I’ve been “late” to life, although I was a preemie. I should have been born in September, but apparently, I couldn’t wait, and entered the world in August. #blogpost #lateinlife But ever since, my life feels “late.”

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‘Bully’ for You — On My Soapbox

bully-1A young friend of ours recently was bullied again. It’s a sad state of affairs when a young girl can’t even be safe at school from classmates who feel the need for power. Because that’s what bullying comes down to, in most cases, I think. Click to Tweet  Our friend is in eighth grade. She was attacked by a boy from behind and a girl from the front. The boy was caught on camera and is now serving an ‘in-school’ suspension, where he can have no contact with other students at any time. He’s basically stuck in a room and his assignments are brought to him. #safeatschool #bullying
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Do Not Judge–Part I

gavelIn today’s world we have to make all kinds of judgments. We make decisions based upon these verdicts about the weather, about what to purchase, and even about people.

The meanings of the word “judge” I’m looking at today are 1) to form an idea, opinion, or estimate about any matter, and 2) to criticize or censure. I believe that we criticize or censure people based upon the ideas and opinions we’ve formed about them.

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Fifty Shades of Trash

Would you eat this?
Would you eat this?

I’ve heard that a lot of people who call themselves Christians are spending their entertainment money going to see the movie “Fifty Shades of Gray.” My question is: why? Why? Why?

I picked this photo out because of it’s title – “Trash in Paradise.” Beautiful island setting with aqua seas in the background. But how can you even see it for the trash?

That’s kind of what happens when we fill our minds and spirits with things we shouldn’t see. Let’s talk about it.

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