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Plotting the Romance—Part I

We’ve begun to build characters for our contemporary romance between Tovah, a rabbi, and Judah, a CEO of a multi-national corporation. The first thing to do is they must meet. The more unusual the meet, the better. Click to Tweet #amwriting #writingromance #donnalhsmith #PlottingtheRomance

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Crafting the Romantic Hero––Part VI

Last time, we interviewed our romantic hero, Judah. This time, we’ll talk to Tovah. Interviews are a great way to learn more about your character and show their thought patterns. Click to Tweet #amwriting #writingromance #donnalhsmith #CraftingtheRomanticHero

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Crafting the Romantic Hero––Part V

Character interviews are an interesting way to bring out their personalities. Let’s do a short interview with Judah this time, and Tovah next time, and see what we come up with. Knowing the habits, quirks, and traits, physically and emotionally will bring your characters to life. In romance, your two protagonists must be relatable and […]

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Crafting the Romantic Hero––Part V

We’re writing a romance and crafting the heroine and the romantic hero. Tovah, a nice Jewish rabbi with rejection issues will fall deeply in love with Judah, a successful businessman from Israel. Let’s look closely at Judah’s weaknesses, and how during the romance, he’ll overcome them to the point where Tovah and he can finally […]

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Crafting the Romantic Hero – Part IV

Nobody’s perfect, right? True. Neither can your romantic hero be perfect. Choose a character flaw that will irritate your heroine to the point where in order to love him, she’ll have to overlook it. Click to Tweet #amwriting #donnalhsmith #CraftingTheRomanticHero

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Crafting the Hero––Part III

Judah is the man for Tovah. To review: Tovah is a rabbi with rejection issues. Judah is an IDF veteran businessman. He’ll give her confidence in her calling as a rabbi. She’ll give him renewed faith in himself. Throwing obstacles in the way of romance is what compels the reader to turn the page. Click […]

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Crafting the Hero––Part II

We’re crafting both our romantic heroine and our hero. Our heroine is Tovah, a Jewish rabbi who fears rejection because of being dumped by a boy while she was in high school. Judah is going to be the man for Tovah. Adding complementary, yet opposite characteristics to your romantic lead characters will either bring them […]

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Writing Romance 101: Crafting the Hero––Part I

We’ve been working on crafting a romantic heroine. We’ve named her Tovah, a Jewish rabbi who fears rejection because of being dumped by a boy while she was in high school. What kind of man should she end up with? First, and foremost, a romantic hero is created to love and be loved by the […]

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Crafting the Heroine Part I––Part VII of Writing Romance

Here’s what we know so far about Susie, our romantic heroine. She’s Jewish, she fears rejection, and she’s a rabbi. She thinks she’s ugly because her nose is long. She stutters when she gets nervous. She has flowing chestnut hair with great styling body. Her eyes are dark and beautiful, lips the perfect proportion. The […]

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Writing Romance 101––Part V

We’re still building a heroine named Susie. We don’t know too much about her yet. Here’s a good tip: use little flaws or imperfections to make your heroine someone your readers can identify with. Click to Tweet #amwriting #writingromance101 #craftingtheheroine

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