Writing Romance 101: Crafting the Hero––Part I

We’ve been working on crafting a romantic heroine. We’ve named her Tovah, a Jewish rabbi who fears rejection because of being dumped by a boy while she was in high school. What kind of man should she end up with? First, and foremost, a romantic hero is created to love and be loved by the heroine. She is the prize for him. He is the treasure for her. Click to Tweet #amwriting #CraftingTheRomanticHero #WritingRomance101

Let’s give him a name. A good Jewish name. After all, he’s going to end up with the rabbi. How about Judah. I like that name. A solid, Old Testament name that means “praise.” Judah will become Tovah’s treasure. Let’s begin to look at some general characteristics for Judah.

Immediate Connection

Of primary importance in romance is that immediate connection between the hero and the heroine. It can be awkward, aggravating, exhilarating, or exciting. But some sort of immediate connection must be there. An attraction, a respect, something to keep them wanting to get to know each other.

Mutual Attraction

I love the old movie “Enchanted Cottage.” Did you ever see it? Two people fall in love in a “magic” cottage. The woman is plain and almost unattractive. The man has been disfigured in war. Through the “magic” of the enchanted cottage, they fall in love, but don’t see the imperfections of the other. They see the other as extremely handsome or very beautiful. Robert Young and Dorothy McGuire played the parts.

As long as the hero is handsome to the heroine, and the heroine is beautiful to the hero—that’s all that matters. That attraction fuels the desire to spend time with and get to know each other.

Character Strengths

Judah will be morally and emotionally strong when it comes to Tovah. He’ll have imperfections, and emotional wounds that she can help him overcome. He will help her overcome rejection because he’ll accept her just as she is and love her. That will bring her healing from the high school incident.

He’ll be incorruptibly honest, living by a strong moral code that is never compromised. We’ll figure out some emotional wound or some difficulty in his past that will need her strength, but for now, he’ll live by the Ten Commandments, as a Jewish boy should.

When the romantic hero first appears on the scene of the heroine’s life, she will never be the same. He will affect her in ways that have never happened to her before. Click to Tweet #amwriting #WritingRomance101 #CraftingTheRomanticHero

How are you liking Judah so far? Leave a comment and let me know.

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